Which is better for listening to Spotify or YouTube Red music?

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Spotify vs YouTube Red which is better?

Both applications have free and paid versions. Obviously each with its advantages. In the case of Spotify, if you decide to use a free account, you can play all the songs you want, skip them if you don't like them and activate the data saving mode when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The problem with the free Spotify account is that you will have to put up with the hype for every couple of songs, which can be a little annoying. At the same time, you won't be able to listen to a full album, and you can't select which song to listen to from said album, but you can randomly play it.

In case you decide to have Spotify premium you can download all the songs you want on your device to listen to them without an internet connection. You will not listen to advertisements at any time, you can choose which song to listen to from any list or album, you have no limits on anything.

Also, you can configure for listen to music in HD, in a considerably high quality that can be appreciated and a lot when you have a sound system for it.

Which is better for listening to Spotify or YouTube Red music?

For YouTube Red o YouTube Music, has the possibility to listen to all the songs that the platform has available. You can also skip between them, though you have to keep in mind that since it's free, you'll have to put up with the hype from time to time.

The premium version has the option of download all music that you want to listen to it without internet connection, at the same time you can listen to it without having to keep your device screen on (a big plus) which saves quite a lot of battery.

On the subject of subscription price. Spotify has a small advantage and that is that it occasionally launches promotions lasting several months at a ridiculous price. Within all they run the same prices, the only difference is the one mentioned above as YouTube Premium doesn't run these kinds of promotions.

Spotify has more than 30 million songs while YouTube Music or YouTube Premium have more than 40 and in many sources it is sure to have more than 50. Which is a considerable amount and you will surely find all the songs you like.

The two applications allow you to create totally customized lists of the songs you want. In Spotify you can also choose song lists based not only on emotions but also situations.

If you have a free trial of YouTube Red, you can unsubscribe or unsubscribe quickly and easily.


For example, you can choose a list of songs when you are happy, sad, tired or want to relax. You can also choose song lists for those who love rock, cumbia, among others.

In turn, Spotify is learning from the music you listen to, so the app's algorithm will start recommending several artists you may not know. It is a good way to meet new songs and expand your catalog.

Spotify has been around much longer than YouTube, at least when it comes to music. It is common for Spotify to feel more complete than the option presented by the internet giant. However, YouTube has a wide variety of songs, which is a noticeable difference in terms of the amount of content.

Both are great options to consider. What we recommend is to take advantage some of Spotify's promotions and try this platform. Then proceed to do the same with YouTube so that it is clear to you which of the two is best for you to listen to music.

Besides YouTube Red, there are other alternatives for listening to free music that are as good as Spotify.

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