Which are the best IP or VoIP telephony providers?

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The technological revolution knows no borders, everything that can be linked to this territory passes through one straordinario evolutionary process .

Telephone service providers are a clear example. For a long time the services stopped being just voice, to be integrated with the devices through a combined service of SMS and calls. However, they always aim to go further.

IP or VoIP telephony service

Telephone communication and Internet communication have been kept separate for some time. There was no greater integration between the two components… until the birth of IP or VoIP services, which means voice over IP or » voice over IP «.

Simply explained, it can be said that this protocol is responsible for existence of data packets. Through this important element it is possible that the voice signal can travel through the internet, and not only through conventional telephone circuits.

Fierce competition

Conventional telephone providers are potentially supplanted by this technology. Those companies that have not adapted to VoIP have simply complicated competition.

Greater accessibility

Rates are always the most important. You always want to enjoy the best of services, but you also want to take care of the numbers a little so that your accounts don't turn out to be anything a little more stuffy than they normally are. In this sense, VoIP technology has allowed many providers to have cheaper plans compared to conventional telephony providers.

Excellent performance

La quality of the service cannot go unnoticed in this list of requirements. Surely you have already experienced the unpleasant experience of having to make a call with your conventional telephone operator and this service is not available. Thanks to this much more stable technology, that problem will remain a distant memory.

No congestion

Lines collapsed? This is another aspect closely related to quality. VoIP technology is less (if not) susceptible to congestion problems, then the availability of this service is guaranteed.

Service restrictions?

The territorial limits of conventional telephone operators is something that will not surprise you when you decide to use this incredible technology that will allow you to establish connections from anywhere in the world. That is why its high index of recommendations for companies.

In search of the best

Deciding on a single supplier can be too difficult a task, considering all the benefits and advantages this technology can offer. However, here you can meet some of the best suppliers, in so that your decision, no matter which one, is correct.

Central IP

One of the best providers in Chile, with around 13 years of experience, is Central IP. Their services are simply amazing for businesses.

Ha very interesting plans for WhatsApp, Smartphone, landline services, among others. Do you want to know a little more about them? You can visit their website.

VoIP world

For Colombia, this company is also among the best IP or VoIP telephony providers. Affordable prices stand out, which can be between 70 and 90% cheaper than conventional telephone providers.

Likewise, it maintains a variety of plans for smartphones, computers and landlines. The ability to use VoIP technology from anywhere in the world. To find out more, enter the VoIP Mundo platform.

Monema: Alternative of excellence

This Spanish company that has been maintaining its services since 2008, has distinguished itself enormously thanks to the innovation of its services, as well as the flexibility of its plans, adapting to your needs.

This company also maintains an application available on the App Store and Google Play, where you can discover and enjoy all the features of the virtual switchboard.

You already know what to do!

Leave conventional phone providers behind and join this new VoIP technology which will allow you to connect more easily, cheaper and from anywhere in the world.

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