Where to find your mobile's PCBA number and what it's for

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Surely many of you think you know everything about smartphones. What if the types of screens, processors, camera sensors… But a smartphone is much more complete than anything that was mentioned above.

A smartphone, in addition to all this, is also composed of other components such as the motherboard, which, like in computers, is where the rest of the elements are located. so that everything functions good.

In this plate an identification number is born that not many know but that for this reason does not cease to be important. This is the PCBA number.

What is the PCBA number?

We may never have to use it, but it never hurts to know that the PCBA number exists

Each mobile is unique, even those belonging to the same type of smartphone model. Hence the need for each terminal to have its own identification number, obviously to differentiate one from the other.

As a general rule, IMEI is used to identify one phone from another. Every time we connect to the network, our smartphone sends the IMEI to the operator so that it knows which phone it is connecting from, where it is connecting from and that of course it is us. But that's not the only identification number our mobile devices have.

We also have the PCBA number, a much less known number than IMEI but no less useful for that. As we said before, the PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assemble) number is placed on the motherboard - hence its name - and is an alternative way to identify a phone.

Now knowing the PCBA number of a mobile phone is not as simple as IMEI. Except for some models like OnePlus or OPPO, there is no keyboard command to access this information. So how do I access this information?

The answer is not at all simple since, as we have said, the PCBA is associated with the terminal motherboard, so accessing it is almost impossible. If, on the other hand, we have a OnePlus or OPPO terminal, we just have to open the phone application and press the following keys * # 888 #.

What is the PCBA number for?

OnePlus is one of the few companies that allows you to know the PCBA number easily and simply

We have already said that the PCBA number is treated as an alternative to IMEI to identify a smartphone. Some companies like the ones mentioned above require it for some contests or to claim prizes on their web pages, but as a general rule, outside of these cases we won't need it.

It can help us identify the case of a stolen phone and that the IMEI may have been modified by some shady method - the PCBA associated with the card is practically impossible to modify - so know that not fa may male .

In short, the PCBA is a number to identify our smartphone and although it is very likely that we will never have to use it, it is always good to know of its existence.

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