Where is Uber legal or illegal?

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These drivers must meet certain requirements to enter Uber as a driver, whether they use the own vehicle or a partner driver with a fleet, they can transport people to their destination. But even in many countries, people continue to question whether it is legal or illegal to use Uber.

How does Uber work?

When you first hear about Uber, you wonder what Uber is and how it works. The answer is simple, it is a platform that take advantage of the GPS function of the mobile phone to locate the customer and show the closest Uber taxis; in turn, the driver has everything he needs in the application to receive the customer's request.

Uber is an application that can be easily installed; its speed and ease of use for both customers and drivers, it has been the driving force behind its dizzying success and expansion around the world. However, it has also generated a great deal of controversy, as it has become one dangerous competition for the taxi driver union, directly hit by Uber.

Is it legal or illegal? The debates surrounding Uber

The problems between Uber and the taxi driver union in several countries began shortly after its inception; to be classified as unfair competition for the taxi industry . Even so, the presence of this application continues to have an encouraging future projection, in all countries and continents where it is used.

The argument that has been used against Uber is the exacerbated advantage it has over taxi drivers; thanks to the high quality of the service, its low cost and the ease of quickly finding a driver; with the result that many customers prefer to use Uber rather than find a taxi; which is why it has not been formally regulated in several countries.

Many customers consider it more safe compared to ordering a conventional taxi, because through the application it is possible to see the photo of the driver, to know the patent Vehicle , the model and the evaluations received from other users; You can even cancel the Uber trip in the event of a mistake, which gives the passenger more peace of mind and confidence.

The debate is mainly centered around whether the Uber app should be legally considered a service public transport or a private transport service ; and until this is determined in all countries where it is present, the issue of its use will remain in place as to whether Uber is legal or illegal.

Ci are also regulatory branches between legislations at the local, regional and national level of the same country; further complicating the debate on whether or not Uber is legality. For this reason there are countries where this famous application works partially in some cities; while in others not, within the same country; or countries where it is completely prohibited.

Countries where Uber may or may not work

So far the list of places where Uber does not operate is as follows: it is completely prohibited in Denmark, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey , also in the city of London, in the city of Brno (which is located in the Czech Republic), in almost all of Germany (except Munich, Düsseldorf and Berlin), and is partially banned in Spain, France, Finland and the Netherlands.

Recently Uber is about to leave Colombia, a starting from this 1st February 2020; after a lengthy dispute over whether Uber is legal or illegal in this country, for failing to comply with the laws imposed by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC); although shortly after the superintendent Andrés Barreto admitted that the body has no way of executing the sentence.

The truth is that the list of countries where Uber continues to be application legal is even broader; so long as it has spread to hundreds of cities in the whole planet; Its staggering number of nearly 7 million affiliate accounts is the best proof of the good acceptance this application has had.

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