Where is it cheaper to rent Netflix?

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Where is it cheaper to rent Netflix?

The Netflix platform is currently used in 190 countries and count 60 million users ; But not all countries pay the same to use this streaming service.

One study published a list of countries where Netflix is ​​cheapest. This statistic is based on the prices of the three plans Netflix offers (basic, standard and premium plan) around the world.

  1. turkey
  2. Argentina
  3. Pakistan
  4. India
  5. Colombia
  6. Australia
  7. Philippines
  8. Japan
  9. chili
  10. Brazil
  11. South Africa
  12. Mexico
  13. Bangladesh
  14. Nepal
  15. Malaysia
  16. Zimbabwe

Among this list of countries the most profitable to hire Netflix are Colombia, Brazil, Turkey, Japan and India.

Therefore, in Latin america it is more profitable to hire Netflix from Colombia, as this country pays 6 times less than European countries. Internationally the cheapest country with an excellent catalog is the Japan ; even if, for other users, it is Turkey.

Although in these countries the packages offered by Netflix are cheaper; There is not a big difference in the catalog offered by this platform than the countries that pay the most for the Netflix service.

You can always enjoy quality movies, series and documentaries at an affordable price. Also, the images will always be of high quality, and some countries that pay less can enjoy more titles than countries that pay more. It is also possible to transmit the image to our TV.

Why is it cheaper to rent Netflix in some countries?

  • It depends on the value of the coin.
  • Il average income of citizens ; for example in Colombia, India, Turkey, the Philippines are countries that depend on very low wages unlike European countries.
  • The economy that countries have.

These reasons have led Netflix to test new plans it implements in these countries with the intention of hooking people to this excellent platform. If Netflix charged the same worldwide, many people wouldn't enjoy the excellent service provided by this platform.

Which countries are the most expensive to hire Netflix?

This list is mainly dominated by European and Middle Eastern countries.

  1. Iran
  2. Denmark
  3. Finland
  4. Egypt
  5. Portugal
  6. Spain
  7. Spain
  8. Bolivia
  9. France
  10. Costa Rica
  11. Uruguay
  12. United States of America
  13. I ran
  14. Qatar
  15. Norway
  16. algeria
  17. Jordan
  18. Lebanon
  19. Switzerland
  20. Saudi Arabia
  21. United Arab Emirates

These countries pay more for the standard and premium plans than the basic one and in these plans it is that the content differs from the countries where it is cheaper to hire Netflix, but the difference is not huge.


Whether your country pays more or less than other countries to use the Netflix platform, the advantages offered by this service are numerous:

  • Enjoy your favorite content across any platform, like Wii consoles, among others.
  • Excellent image quality in your films, documentaries and series.
  • Wide variety of content for children.
  • Each user creates their own entertainment program.
  • With the Netflix app you have unlimited access without having to be connected to the internet.
  • Once you use Netflix, this platform will recommend movies, series or documentaries based on your search preferences.
  • Le rates are flat with no surprises.
  • With Netflix you will never miss any episodes of your favorite series, you can even watch them from your Xiaomi Note mobile phone

Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming platform in the world and more and more people from all over the world are joining together to use this service that offers the best movies, documentaries and series. If Netflix is ​​available in your country, join this popular platform.

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