Where does Facebook Messenger save messages on my PC and Android? What folder are they in?

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Facebook was created with one goal, to connect as many people as possible through the web, and as it has turned out over the years, this has been achieved. We say it so because it is one of the leaders in social networks, as it counts approx 1,5 billion users worldwide.

It is a platform oriented to the possibility of send and share publicly with anyone; photos, links and videos. Of course, this is not its only use, it also allows you to share private messages with people you know and with strangers who have accounts and to be able to create events with them.

What functions does Facebook offer to its users?

To be able to enjoy of the amount of services that Facebook offers, just have an account on the platform, and everything else is simple. When creating your private profile, you will need to enter key personal data such as your name or age and provide an email that you use.

Once you have created your account, you can start browsing the platform and have fun making new friends on the web by looking for them by their name in the magnifying glass. When you do, there will be a number of people who match the search, so Facebook recommends making sure who you're sending private messages to.

By making friends on Facebook, you will also have the option to interact with them through groups and upload a photo or share a status update. If you see these updates you can like them, comment on something or share their post and show it to your other friends.

You can also join groups of topics like famous people or movies that interest you and see and share what they post on their profiles. These groups can be public, so you can become a member without any problem; or private or secret groups, where they have to invite or accept you.

What is Facebook Messenger?

It is a messaging application, owned by Facebook, that although chats have been working on Facebook since 2008, this update was launched in 2011. Facebook was in charge of separate the Messenger application and the Facebook application into so that each application could be used independently.

Facebook Messenger allows users to send private messages, as well as being able to make only voice or video calls privately or with large groups. Like another recent Messenger update it is "Messenger Day", with which you can share photos and videos for only 24 hours and they are automatically deleted.

In which folder does Facebook Messenger save messages on Android and PC?

All private messages on your Facebook Messenger are stored in a folder like "Archived messages", but the problem for many is accessing those messages. Therefore, we will explain below how and where you can find these messages quickly and easily.

To find the conversations saved on your PC you need to do the following; first go up "Https://www.messenger.com/" to log into your account. Once there, select "Settings" the dice icon and click "Archived conversations" and you will find all the conversations you have had.

In the case of conversations saved on your Android, many people say that finding an exact folder where these messages are stored is very difficult. To find them, you need to enter "Https://m.facebook.com/" from your mobile device and select the messages option.

In this way, within this section you will be presented with several options such as filtered messages or unwanted messages or archived messages which are what you are looking for. By simply selecting this option, you will have the access you want to the messages and you can solve this problem quickly and easily.

How to save messages on Facebook Messenger?

Instead of deleting messages if you don't want to see them in the first Messenger bar, you have the option to save them to a folder in the cloud of Facebook. To do this, you need to enter the Messenger application and leave the selected chat without opening it and several options will appear, such as archiving and that's it.

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