Where do you earn more money in Uber or DiDi?

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Obviously, they are those advantages that make your employees feel much more motivated to work and provide excellent service. In addition to helping to increase the number of people who want to be part of that company every day.

Next, you will learn about the economic benefits offered by DIDI and UBER, so that you can tell you about the company that helps you to earn more.

Economic benefits of Uber for drivers

These are the economic benefits that UBER offers you if you want to be part of the drivers who daily provide service in their company:

  • 25% of everything you earn from doing your travels is for the company, that is, you will keep the 75% of the profit.
  • Has a incentive program, which allows you to increase the earnings of drivers by 16%. You would achieve it by becoming an UBER VIP and for this you have to make a number of consecutive trips (we do not mention the amount because it varies constantly).
  • Includes you in the payment invoice the ferie which jobs.
  • It pays you the fare for a trip, when you have already accepted it and user later it cancels.
  • The travel payment you have made net of commission is processed on Monday and will reach your bank account between Wednesday and Friday.
  • Sometimes, when the fare of a trip is very high, it is not canceled at the moment, as the team UBER he has to examine it manually.

Likewise, you should know that the earnings that are reflected in the application, many times do not coincide with the money that reaches your account. Remember, the money reported in the application must be subtracted by the UBER commission and any other fees that may be required.

DiDi economic benefits for drivers

First, you can't forget that DIDI It emerges as the competition from UBER and that is why it has offered great benefits to its drivers since its inception. Among these the main ones economic advantages yes may cite the following:

  • 20% of your travel earnings are for DIDI, so you will keep the 80% of the earnings.
  • Payments are typically a little faster than UBER, as they reach your bank account every Monday.
  • When you reach a certain number of trips per week, DIDI offers you a extra bonus. For example, if you make 20 trips a week, it will cancel 1.500 pesos and if you manage to make between 90 and 100 trips, it pays you 12.000 pesos.
  • It is constant that DiDi will offer which will obviously increase your income.
  • It offers you compensation for the accumulation of positive ratings from customers.
  • Ti payment also bonus every three months if you manage to accumulate 650 or 950 trips.

Another point that will help you is that the rates for users they are cheaper than those of UBER, so they are currently more in demand. Obviously, this will make you have a lot more customers and thus earn a lot more money.

As you could see that both transport companies, DIDI and UBER, offer great benefits to their drivers. Another commonality between the two is that all your payments they will depend on you and the number of hours you spend driving.

However, it is clear that you would earn in DIDI much more money as a driver than in UBER. It's up to you to decide on any of the companies, just remember to have your documents updated no matter which one you choose.

If we could remove any doubts from the information you have just read, we invite you to keep reading blog articles.

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