Where do i find FaceTime on my iPhone?

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This is why we want to offer you concrete answers so that you can use this wonderful application correctly. In the following tutorial we will show you in a very simple way Where do i find FaceTime on my iPhone?

It has already been mentioned that many of the problems that these applications can present as well as others of the same operation. They have to do with ignorance of the use of the application, we can also find solutions, if we make an adjustment in the configuration of the equipment so that the App can function properly.

It is also very likely that the problem is in the Apple server, so it is very important to check these systems. To verify that they are working correctly and then rule them out as the cause of the problem that is presented to us. Next we will point out what you should do so that you can find FaceTime on your iPhone.

Where do i find FaceTime on my iPhone?

This is a problem that is not very common, but if it happens, when you have downloaded the application FaceTime and you can't find it on your device to be able to make video calls. One of the solutions that are usually given to solve this situation is to restore the application on your iPhone.

Another major problem that can occur with FaceTime not appearing is that users do not realize that the application it's not compatible with your device. That is why it is recommended that whenever you want to use any application, check its compatibility with your computer, be it iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Although FaceTime both an application that can work with Apple brand devices, it turns out that it is not compatible with equipment of Arab, Pakistani origin, etc. That is why this simple detail can generate a tremendous headache among users who want to use the application and for some reason cannot find it on their computers.

Change your iPhone settings to find FaceTime

Another solution you can apply for find FaceTime on your iPhone is to go to your device settings. When it is there, you have to look for the General option, after pressing, several options will appear and choose Restrictions. Here in this section you need to check that the camera and FaceTime application are activated.

If you have enabled the restrictions of the camera and FaceTime, you can't use them and that's why you can't find the app. If not, and the restrictions aren't activated, that's not the problem. And now we need to move on to the next step which will be searching for FaceTime in Spot light.

If at any time you are successful in delete this application on your computer, we recommend that you reset the application to fix the problem it is presenting to you. Another possible solution that you can apply, when you have done everything, is to update your iPhone device to the latest available version of iOS.

If all these solutions do not allow you to find the FaceTime application on your iPhone, then you should do a backup of your device. To do this, you'll need iTunes or iCloud, so you'll need to reset your device. And finally you have to configure it by choosing the language and region you live in and restore all your data with the backup you made earlier.

And in this way we have explained the simple steps you should take when you have the problem that you are unable to find FaceTime on your iPhone. Follow them, apply them and you will surely be able to find this application, so that you can make your video calls and connect with your loved ones and friends.

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