Where can I buy Crunchyroll cards? Where do they sell them?

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And, in turn, it has caused the market for these platforms to grow enormously, bringing several platforms focused on specific content onto the market, one of the most unique being Crunchyroll. Although there are many anime streaming platforms, Crunchyroll is one of the largest and most reliable in its use.

This happened when there wasn't much coverage in terms of anime content. Because, even though there were tons of platforms that let you watch anime for free, a lot of them were totally pirated and not very reliable.

This is what makes Crunchyroll so special, because it's not just the exclusive anime series and movies, but the opportunity to reliably watch official content.

In an age where one can take any content from the internet for the frees it, it is sometimes worth paying a little to be able to enjoy this content officially without too much trouble with ads or the low quality of the content.

This is why, although Crunchyroll can be enjoyed totally free, it might be better to pay for its subscription Premium. Through it, you not only have access to several benefits on the platform, but you also financially support the creators of the series that you are such a fan of.

And, to pay for a Premium membership on Crunchyroll, you'll often need to use a credit card. But recently, Crunchyroll started selling hers prepaid cards or gift cards. These cards come in different formats depending on the months of subscription you want to pay, so they are really useful.

So, if they get your attention, see below what you need to know about them.

What you need to know about Crunchyroll cards

As is customary with any monthly payment for an online service, you can pay your monthly payment on Crunchyroll in a number of ways. You can pay with Paypal, through physical stores or simply with your credit card. And now you also have the option to pay with prepaid cards.

These cards come in three formats, depending on whether you want to pay for a 30-day subscription, a 90-day subscription, or a 12-month subscription. We remind you that the monthly premium for a Crunchyroll subscription is not too expensive.

It is normal to change from country to country, being in the individual states around $ 30 for 8 days. And the same goes for these cards. We cannot give you an exact price for them as they vary by region; taking into account that they are already in Colombia, Mexico and Spain.

Once you have purchased one of these cards, you can go directly to purchase your membership, and in the payment method indicate the prepaid card, followed by the data they ask for. So make sure you keep the details of this totally secret until you use it.


Where can you buy one?

We've already talked a lot about how they work and how much they can cost, but where can they be found? There is no specific answer on this. This is because they can be found in various ways. Currently only the Crunchyroll online store United States sells cards on its portal, in terms of digital purchases, but it is possible that you can physically find them in your country.

For this you can ask in the Crunchyroll forum or search which stores sell cards in Spain, Mexico and Colombia. For now, the cards are in a limited number of countries, but will gradually be sold in other areas.

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