Where are the screenshots of my Android and iPhone mobile saved and found?

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Upon acquiring any mobile device we will notice that it will be there presented a large number of tools created to facilitate the use of these terminals. These system-provided tools will be of vital help and will become part of our everyday options.

Once we have time using our respective mobile device, we may have already discovered all the options and tools that the system (both Android and iOS) has to offer us. If so, you've probably already found out the option to take screenshots.

The main purpose of these acquisitions is save and archive any type of information, data, photos or text that is important to us at the push of a button. Once we have captured the screen, our respective screenshot will have been successfully saved without any problem or inconvenience.

Very well, once the capture has been made, all that remains is to look for the correct image inside our mobile phone, but where can we find it? relax, don't worry. Follow us and we will explain specifically where screenshots are saved and how we can find them quickly and easily.

Where to find my screenshots on Android?

When we run the screen capture tool on ours mobile device with Android system, we will see a small message that will tell us that the screenshot previously made has been successfully saved. This will be our first indication to search for the respective saved image.

Having clarified this, the our first alternative to view the previously captured screenshots will be looking for the phone gallery application in the app drawer and then select it. 

Once inside we can see several folders of images identified based on their content, among these we will notice that the Android system creates a default folder of photos called «Screenshots» o «Captures». Finally, in this folder we can see all the screenshots made previously.

Our second alternative to view all previously captured screenshots will be based on searching for the app "File Explorer" or "File" directly in the app drawer of our respective mobile device.

Once identified and selected, we will find a large number of folders and files, which will contain all kinds of information, data and more. From there we will look for the «images» or «DCIM» folder and select them. These will present us with a new tab in which we will find several folders. 

Right there will be a call "Screenshots" or "Captures", we will click on it and voila, we are done. There we will find all screenshots previously performed on the phone. We will also be able to set the dates of each image and we will know which of them are more recent than others.  

According to what we learned previously, we may notice that the execution of these steps and procedures may not take more than a minute, since thanks to the Android system and its interface tidy and I Gesta, once a screenshot is taken, it will automatically be saved in the "Capture" folder.

On the other hand, we can also add these screenshots and upload them directly on google photos and then transfer them to the cloud. Or in an emergency we can make a backup copy to ensure that all images are not lost.

Where to find my screenshots on iPhone?

In the same way it is done on mobile devices with Android system. iPhone presents also a folder generated by default from the system, which will have the function of hosting all the images of the screenshots previously made on your device.

We can see them by going directly to the photo app and looking in the shopping cart for the folder «Capture» or Screenshots. “Once these screenshots are made, those slides will be saved in this respective file which we can see whenever I want.

On the other hand, these screenshots can also be added to a shared photo album in a way to be able to share images with your friends or family.

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