Where are the photos sent to me via Snapchat stored?

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The fact that known or unknown people can share this same content in more ways creative that's what made the difference.

Social network they lived and died for the same thing, but that's what makes it interesting to use one. This is why Snapchat was so popular when it came out. Although its user level has long since dropped due to the fact that Instagram can provide a similar service in its stories, Snapchat remains active and with its peculiar ways of sharing content.

The fact of uploading and receiving photos or videos of the way Snapchat works is unique. But one thing that often happens among new Snapchat users is that they wonder " Where are the pictures? ".

If you have a problem about where they are saving all those images they send to you and you want to delete to save space, then stick with us, because below we have prepared a step by step so that you can take care of them.

Manage the photos that Snapchat sends to you

Many are wondering what they can do with all those images they get on Snapchat. Where do they go? How can I delete them or see them again? These are some of the questions that arise from the users of this application. However, the answer to these questions is much simpler than it may seem, albeit perhaps or just as obvious.

In reality, photos that come from Snapchat, neither from private chats nor from the times we see other people's posts, cannot be saved on your device. That's right, these images cannot be downloaded by conventional methods to your device.

In Snapchat, there is no option " Save immagine As with Twitter or Facebook, and that's a big plus considering all the images we can see in one day on Snapchat with active users. Whatever you see, it won't be on yours phone and it is really one of the attractions of this application.

For this reason, you shouldn't worry too much about the space on your device. But if what you want is to save the pictures, you can see how to see the step by step below.

Save Snapchat photos

To save photos of Snapchat you need to follow a few steps. Do this which we show you below:

  1. First, you need to log into the application Snapchat, which you can search for on the home screen or in the section where all your apps are located.
  2. Then, swipe the screen to the right to be able to exit the screen to take photos and enter the private chats section.
  3. Select the conversation you have with someone and find the Snap you want to save so much. This is important as you can repeat one Snap just once.
  4. Now you need to take a screenshot to save on your mobile. If you have an Android device, you need to press the button at the same time activation and volume down button. And in the case of devices iOS, you have to select the activate button and start at the same time.
  5. Now, these images you have captured will end up in your gallery and you can review them as many times as you want.
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