Where are the downloads I make on Amazon Prime Video saved?

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There is a service for every taste and for every specific content, so if you search enough, you can find a service where you can find all those series or film that you want to see so much.

However, many people tend to hire different streaming services to get access to all the content they really want to watch.

But if you want to be on a particular service or just explore the options a particular streaming platform might have for you, you might want to check out Amazon Prime Video.

This is one of the most popular and most used streaming platforms in the world. This is because, like Netflix, have tried to secure licenses with several series and films that make their service exclusive.

Among the most famous contents on Amazon Prime Video there is Jack Ryan di Tom Clancy, TheBoys and even The Man in the High Castle. This, without counting all the other exclusives they have at the level of documentaries and films. Maybe it's to your liking, so we recommend you take a look. Although, if you already have a subscription, that's not surprising.

If you already own one, you will have full access to this content, so you can download it too. However, what happens when we download the content? Where does it go? Perhaps these are important questions for you, which we will answer below.

What happens to my Amazon Prime Video downloads?

Once you have Amazon Prime Video, you have access to tons of exclusive content, it is a fairly simple platform to use and very fast. With this access also comes the ability to download the content to be able to watch it offline wherever and whenever you want. But how can I access this content.

First, we need to tell you a little about how you can download. It's very simple, all you have to do is enter the movie, series chapter or documentary you want to download. Once there, scroll down a bit on the screen and you will find the option to download this content.

Select it and you will be given the option to download it to yours SD card (if available) or on your local storage. Once the process is complete, you can go to your account menu, then the Downloads tab and here you can see and manage all the content you have downloaded.

Where can I find the files I download on Amazon Prime Video?

Perhaps what you are interested in is not seeing your downloads tab, but rather the download file as such. You may be looking for this in order to be able to transfer it to a storage drive like one flash drive or hard drive, but it can be somewhat counterproductive.

This is because all streaming services have the files you download encrypted so that you cannot open them in any way to avoid content piracy.

However, in case you want to access it, you can go directly to the directory " /data/user/0/com.amazon.avod. Thirdpartyclient / files / downloads ". However, please note that if you wish to handle this file in any way, we insist that it be encrypted.

And, if you want to transfer it to another device with the same account you have, remember that you will find it here the video file and audio separately in different folders, so handle the content carefully so as not to damage it.

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