Where are Netflix downloads saved?

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Creating a Netflix account leads to wanting your content always at hand. The same happens with those who share the account with or without a password.

Through this article I will show you where Netflix downloads are saved and I will also explain some methods so that your mobile phone memory does not get full. This method is the most feasible and is the safest that exists so far for save space on your device.

Where do Netflix downloads go?

If you don't know where Netflix downloads are stored, then you should know that when you download movies or TV shows to your phone, they don't get stored in a specific way.

The files on your device won't have descriptive names, so you won't get the movie name or the series name or anything like that.

It's a somewhat similar process to downloading Netflix movies and series to PC, but they differ in one way or another.

Instead, you'll see a folder with a long, seemingly random number. If you want keep a neat and organized library, download one episode or movie at a time and follow these steps:

  • You must first open your file manager.
  • Now you need to activate the option that allows you to observe hidden files and folders, if you have already done so. Usually when you press on the options of the File Manager, the option appears.


  • You will go to the following options first " device memory ", Now in" Android ", Now " give «, Select in» com.netflix.mediaclient ", Then in" fillet «, in » Download "And finally in" .from «.
  • Here you will see a folder named after a string of numbers. Press the folder and tap the scissors icon to cut it to the clipboard.

Paste the folder in the path of your Micro SD

This for save space on your device, as where Netflix downloads are originally stored is in your mobile's memory.

  • Now you need to find the Micro SD path of your mobile via the task manager.
  • Navigate to the folder where you want to store the files. Stop paste the file in the desired folder.
  • Rename the Netflix numbered folder to add the name of the movie or TV show you just downloaded, but don't delete the number, you'll need it later.
  • When you want to watch the movie or TV show again, copy the folder to its original location in step 3. Delete the tag you added earlier so that only the number remains.

If you rename or rename one of the files in the.of folder, Netflix will not recognize or play them.

You can add tags while temporarily saving them to your SD card, but you'll need to put every file and folder you found them in with the same names.


Sure, this process is cumbersome, and Netflix may be releasing an update that completely blocks it.

But at the very least, you allows you to store many more downloads than it can fit in its internal memory.

Transfer files to an external hard drive

If you have an OTG cable (which you can buy for less than $ 5 or Euros) you can use this same process for archive files on flash drives or even on external hard drives.

However, if you are going to go this route, the drive will need to use the exFAT file system. What is the configuration of the external drive when formatting.

This isn't exactly a convenient way to archive movies, but if you have a formatted drive and want to save some shows for a trip, this is a handy solution.

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