When can I pay for the service in DIDI?

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Do you want to know what DiDi Pasajero is and how it works? To start using their services. So one of the first things you should know is when you have to pay for travel when using DIDI; read on and find out.

Today the expansion area of ​​this company has also extended to other continents, towns and cities; as Japan, Australia and Latin America and among them Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica; as they believe this region has great potential, with the fastest growing mobile Internet on the planet.

How does the DIDI transport service work?

In order for users to use this service, the first thing they need to know is how to download the DiDi App on your smartphone,  both in the App Store and in Google Play to create your account; personal data will be requested, as well as the form of payment, Visa, Master Card and American Express debit or credit card; or cash if the city allows.

This is done in so that the user can contact the driver of he needs, when he asks for a service; operating in a similar way to the other companies in the competition, where you enter the place where they will pick you up and the destination and driver closest to that point will then be those assigned to you.

How safe is it to use DiDi for traveling? It is a very reliable service, since you can always see the user rating or stars in DiDi, as a reference guide to know in advance which are the most recommended drivers to get around without worries.

What can you do if you don't have a credit card and don't even handle cash?

There is an option called the MACH card which was implemented in Chile ; It is a virtual prepaid Visa card, which allows you to buy and pay online in both domestic and foreign stores; Plus, you can top up it from any account by wire transfer, so you always have a balance.

To download this sheet you do this via the App Store or Google Play , by entering MACH; You must accept the conditions that expose you, then enter the personal data they ask you, telephone number so that you can see the code that will arrive to you via SMS, which you must enter for verification; Finally, you need to create your security token.

Now when you take a trip with DIDI company, in the form of payment put a credit card, MACH , virtual card, view the data and at the end put your security key or fingerprint.

Do you know when you have to pay for the travel service with the DIDI company?

Payment is made once the trip is complete, why several factors must be taken into account; These include the time taken (since the cost increases during peak hours), as well as the mileage traveled; In addition, it must be attached in case of extra payment for the motorway or for any tolls.

If the passenger has accumulated a discount coupon and the payment is in cash, as long as your city allows it, you must press the fare distribution button; and it will give you the final result. And if it is with credit or debit card or MACH online card , it will be automatically discounted once the final cost has been obtained.

We must remember that this company constantly offers coupons and discounts in various ways; that builds up so that your next trips are cheaper than the competition, or even free; for example, using the MACHDIDI code you will get 3 trips discounted by 30%, among many others. You can use them when you have to pay DiDi.

‍‍In conclusion, the private transport company DIDI increasingly covers both the Latin American and global markets, thanks to its marketing plan; with which obtains very competitive and advantageous prices, both for users and to benefit from the conditions of its drivers.

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