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¿ WhatsApp doesn't work today why and I don't know, don't worry in Android Green look at the different situations for your favorite messaging client is not operational right now.

What happens to WhatsApp not working?

Well, the reasons can be very varied, since the server is down, you have problems with your operator, you have problems with your connection or even an incorrect configuration on your Smartphone. We will after that see the different situations that will answer your question on the why WhatsApp is not working today.

WhatsApp doesn't work with data

If our favorite messaging client doesn't work well with data, the first thing to do is check if mobile data is turned on. For this we will do the following:

  • Settings > Network & Internet > Data usage > Mobile data (activated).

Here are other solutions if WhatsApp works with WiFi but no data that might help.

WhatsApp doesn't work until I open it

Se WhatsApp is not working well today until you open it, you should know that it could be due to 3 reasons:

Connection problems

It is very likely that you have problems connecting to the internet, so you should try the application with other WiFi networks and even use it with others SIM from different companies.

Check that you have not turned on confidential data

Another reason why WhatsApp doesn't work today could it be because you have i background data and unlimited data usage disabled. To check it go to the following path:

  • Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Data usage.

Check that you have all these tabs active:

Anyway, here you have more information to fix your problem of WhatsApp not receiving messages until I open them.

WhatsApp doesn't work well with WiFi today

You are probably experiencing Problems accessing WhatsApp over Wi-Fi network today. To find out what it is, follow these tips:

Check the status of your network

Take an internet speed test to see if your network is working properly.

Contact your company

If you have problems connecting, please contact your provider Internet.

Are you connected to a public Wi-Fi network?

It is likely that WhatsApp doesn't work over WiFi today why you log in all'app gives a public WiFi network, could be that of a Hotel, a shopping center, etc… The fact is that many of these networks are covered and limited, which is why you are likely to have trouble connecting to whatsapp now.

How to know if WhatsApp is working today 2022?

If you've tried all of the above and it didn't work for you, you can always do the if the application servers are running right now. For this I advise you to read this article with which you will be able to know if WhatsApp has dropped today.

I can't access the WhatsApp application

You may see the following error message when you try to access the app: Unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped here is the solution.

What should I do if WhatsApp doesn't work?

Well, if the service is not available right now, the only thing you can do is wait for it to be operational. However, you should know that there are many alternative for free to WhatsApp in the Play Store which you can use as: Line, Telegram or WeChat.

I hope this article solved your question why WhatsApp doesn't work today. If it was helpful, it would help me a lot if you share this article to your social networks, please this helps me to reach more people… thank you very much!

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