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With its over 1 billion active users, WhatsApp is the most used messaging client in the world and it is day after day that the app Zuckerberg incorporates new features to satisfy the already good user experience it already has. The truth is that despite its excellent performance, it is not always error free, one of the most frustrating is when WhatsApp does not ring when the message arrives, don't worry in The Power Of The Green Android we will give you a series of tips so that you can solve this problem.

Why doesn't my WhatsApp ring when messages arrive?

You could say… Wow, they send me WhatsApp and it doesn't ring! And I don't know why it is due, I will explain below the possible causes to try to fix it and stop saying "sometimes my whatsapp doesn't ring".

WhatsApp does not ring when message arrives (causes) 2022

  • What do you have Energy saving mode is activated.
  • What do you have activated a feature that limits your data connection when you turn off the screen.
  • It is possible that you have disabled notifications in WhatsApp.
  • What do you have muted the sound of notifications on your device.
  • What do you have disabled notifications, sounds and vibrations in the WhatsApp application.
  • What do you use MIUI and that the background data feature is disabled.

What to do if my WhatsApp does not ring, how can I fix it? 2022

First of all, rest assured, nothing bad happens to your Smartphone, only that this type of problem is due to a incorrect configuration in the notification system, then we will tell you how to fix it easily and quickly. It is best to try all the methods below until the problem is not is solved.

Turn off the power saving mode

Did you notice if when WhatsApp doesn't ring a times Did you turn on power saving mode? In some models, activating this mode saves a lot of battery by sacrificing some vital phone options such as background mobile data usage. This can do Yup and WhatsApp doesn't ring when you receive pictures, messages or calls. The solution is to turn off power saving mode, to do this, display the notification bar at the top of the screen and disable the battery icon or enter the following path:

  • Settings > Battery > Battery Saver.

Avoid options that disable data

Sometimes you get the following message:

  • You may have new WhatsApp messages

This because WhatsApp doesn't have a network available to access your inbox messages. Below I propose a series of alternatives if WhatsApp does not always ring.

Turn on sounds and vibrations on your device

If WhatsApp doesn't ring when the message arrives, it is possible that you have turned off sound and vibration in notification options for this you have to follow the following path:

  • Settings > Sound.

Check the volume level, vibration and if you have turned on "Do not disturb".

Activate sounds and vibrations in WhatsApp

Another reason why WhatsApp doesn't ring when the message arrives it could be because you have turned off the sound and vibration in notifications. To do this, we must go to the application and press on the top right 3 vertical points and a menu will appear and select "Settings".

We enter Settings.

Once in «Settings» we enter where it says "Notifications".

Within «Notifications» we must activate the following options:

  • Conversation tones (active).
  • Notification tone.
  • Vibration (default).

Then we go down a little lower and in «Groups» e "Calls" we must have the following options activated:

  • Notification tone (default).
  • Vibration (default).

Turn on the Allow background data option

Se WhatsApp does not play when message arrives and you use MIUI, you should know that this is a very characteristic error of this operating system to fix it, go to the following path:

  • Settings> SIM and mobile networks> Set data usage.

Once inside select «Allow background data», this will allow applications to use the data even when they are in the background or apparently inactive.

If WhatsApp doesn't work with data but without WiFi, try if you have any option that allows you to turn off data when you turn off the mobile screen, this saves battery but will make sure that WhatsApp does not play when the message arrives since.. it will prevent the arrival of the same by data.

Do you use MIUI?

If you have a Xiaomi you may have problems with Push Notifications in MIUI, here I'll explain how to fix it. This is critical though WhatsApp does not ring when the message arrives.

Well I hope you already know what to do if whatsapp doesn't ring, I hope I helped you solve your problem. Don't forget to share this article if it was helpfulplease, this allows me to continue making tutorials like this to be able to help other people.. thanks!.

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