WhatsApp Business: what it is, how to use it and how to download it

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Some time ago WhatsApp launched its messaging application for business called whatsappbusiness, an app that is aimed at businesses and has more features than the version of WhatsApp for normal users, so we'll see what WhatsApp Business is, how it is used and how we can download the messaging app for companies.

WhatsApp Business it is a great tool to get in touch with many companies, since some of them use this method to contact customers, so we will tell you all about this app for business and also see the differences it has with the standard version of WhatsApp.

First of all, you should know that WhatsApp doesn't allow you to have two accounts with the same number, but we will tell you how you can have WhatsApp with the same number on multiple devices at the same time. So, with all this we will start telling you everything about WhatsApp Business, the business management messaging app.

Same design with advanced features

WhatsApp Business it has the same interface as the standard version of WhatsApp, but the version for companies it has advanced features aimed at managing customers and products in a simple way, so we will see what are all the functions you can have in WhatsApp Business:

  1. Creation of company profile with additional information.
  2. Creation of corporate products and a catalog for sale.
  3. Direct contact with customers.
  4. Auto reply to messages.
  5. Welcome messages.
  6. Quick response via commands.
  7. Creating customer and chat labels.
  8. Possibility of connection with Facebook and Instagram.

Company profile with many options

When we will create the account with WhatsApp Business, the first thing will be create a profile with our company and with your data. Then, as you can see in the screenshots, you will have to enter all the data you want about the company and thus you will be able to complete the company profile.

As we can see, the data that we must add in our profile are different: the name of the company, the type of company and the location among others. Also, we can add our website address if we have it to be able to redirect customers to it in the case of creating products.

Creation of articles or products

Once you have completed your company profile, we will proceed to the creation of a catalog of articles, we can create all kinds of products, we can also add a name, a price, a description and even an article code. once the creation of the article is finished, it will be put in review and, if accepted, customers will be able to see it in our profile.

create an article and a catalog you will only have to access the WhatsApp Business Toolbox and access our business tools panel, we will select the catalog and then create all the items we want.

Welcome messages and go

If you've ever contacted a WhatsApp Business account and they auto-responded, that means they have enabled the welcome message option, this message is sent to all users who contact the company for the first time via WhatsApp. contact with the company in 14 days.

The same will happen with the message of assenza, this message will appear when we have it active for those new customers, in this message you must notify that you are away so that the customer knows the situation and knows that you are busy, moreover, this message will only be sent when your phone has an internet connection.

To create the welcome or away message you will have to follow these steps:

  1. In the WhatsApp Business main window you will need to click on the three lines in the upper right area.
  2. Now click on «Business Tools».

  1. In the messages section, select "Absent message" o «Welcome Message».

  1. Configure both messages and activate the one you need, but remember that you can't have both active, as only the welcome message will be sent. Both messages can be up to 200 characters long.

Responds quickly

Another feature that we will have in WhatsApp Business will be the ability to create quick replies. Quick replies are a kind of shortcut with which we can communicate more quickly and easily with customers. We can create all kinds of shortcuts with quick messages.

create quick replies we can create them from the business tools panel just like we did with welcome and away messages. So that with the appropriate command we can write a much longer message, as we can see in the screenshot below.

Customer management and statistics

Another feature of WhatsApp Business is customer management and obtaining statisticsalbeit quite basic. We will be able to categorize our customers with labels according to the state in which we are with them.

With regard to statistics, they are quite basic, since they only show us the number of messages we have sent or received, but surely in the future the statistics will be more advanced and we will be able to see the number of products that are sold, the customers with whom it has been contacted and much more.

To download WhatsApp Business we will only have to click on the download links below, the app is installed like the others, but we will have to use a different phone number so that it is compatible with the standard app.

  1. Download WhatsApp Business for Android
  1. Download WhatsApp Business for iOS

È this is how WhatsApp Business works, the messaging app for companies with which we can create articles, products and catalogues, as well as have direct contact with the customer. Without a doubt, WhatsApp Business still has a long way to go to become a tool with which to fully manage a small or medium-sized business.

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