WhatsApp Avatar Memojis: Create your own memoji and use it

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Apple was in charge of divulging the Memoji, those virtual avatars generated from a photo that anyone with a XNUMXth generation iPhone could create and share with the world. Companies like Samsung have tried to follow the same steps, and it has even become a controversial problem that has led Xiaomi itself to threaten those who compared its "Mimoji" with Apple's "Memoji".

Now the waters appear to be calmer, even as Memoji's popularity continues to grow. But unlike the latest Apple phones, in Android there is no specific and universal tool designed to create this type of virtual avatars. Fortunately, the Google Play Store is full of such apps and today we wanted to select the best ones you can use.

The best apps to create your own memoji for Android

With the following apps, you will see how to create your avatar for whatsapp or for any other app or social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram ...


At the time we had already developed a complete guide to using ZEPETO, the virtual fashion avatar app. Currently, it is the tool that offers the most similar results to Apple's Memoji, since the style of the avatars is similar.

As with most apps of this type, the first step will be take a selfie that the application will use to generate the avatar. It will still be possible change facial features at any time before saving the image.

ZEPETO also offers the possibility to export a custom emoji pack which can later be used to send emoticons via applications such as WhatsApp. It will also be possible customize a photo with our avatar to insert it in a profile on social networks or messaging applications.


Time ago Gboard, the Google keyboard app, it also offers the ability to generate custom emojis based on our facial features. Unlike ZEPETO, the emojis generated are based on Bitmoji, so they look more cartoonish and not as "realistic" as in the case of ZEPETO or Apple's Memoji.

To create our "Mini" in Gboard, just display the keyboard in any application and access the emoji menu by long pressing the "," button. From there, we will see the "Mini" option and when we click on it, the app will ask us to upload a selfie which will be used to generate the emoji pack.

How to create Memoji on Samsung phones

In addition to the two apps mentioned above, there are many other great applications for creating custom avatars on Android. However, depending on the mobile phone you have, It is possible that you can also generate your own emoji pack without having to install anything.

Since the arrival of the Galaxy S9, Samsung has included "AR Emoji" in its mobile phones, whose operation is quite reminiscent of Apple's Animoji, although the results are slightly different. Furthermore, they are also able to imitate the movements of our body thanks to an exclusive technology.

To use it, you just need open the camera application and access the AR Emoji section. In case you haven't already done so, you need to create your emoji via a selfie following the instructions that will appear on the screen.

So, you can customize your emoji with clothes, accessories or change its look. You just have to click "Done" to finish and the emoji will appear in the AR Emoji section, ready to be exported as a picture to set it as a profile photo or to create your own emoji pack that you can send via WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram or any other app.

How to create Memoji on Xiaomi mobiles

Although they are only available in MIUI versions targeting certain countries, if you have a Xiaomi mobile you can use the controversial MiMoji. This is not available on Google Play, although if you have a phone with the Chinese version of MIUI, it is possible that your terminal already includes it. However, it is possible to download and install it manually as explained by MovilZona. Below these lines we offer you a link to Google Drive to be able to download the MiMoji APK file for Xiaomi mobile phones.

Once installed, you just have to open the application and generate your custom emoji through a selfie, whether in a human, animal or one of the included forms. It is necessary to comment, of course, that this feature does not offer the option of generate a custom emoticon pack, but only of save the MiMoji image, which can later be used as a profile photo.

How to create Memoji on Huawei phones

Obviously Huawei hasn't come out of the Memoji craze. The company includes the so-called 3D Qmoji in some of his cell phones. However, as is the case with iPhones, this feature only works on phones that include facial recognition sensors, such as the Mate 20 and Mate 30 series.

To use them, it is enough open the camera application and in the «Other» section, access the «AR Objective» section. There he comes offer the function Qmoji, which will automatically detect the movements of our face and interpret them through an animated emoji. It's possible save the avatar as an image, as well as generate small videos or GIFs.

And this is all! As you can see, creating a custom emoji on Android is simple although there is no universal way to do it. In fact, you may not even need to install anything.

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