What you should never do when using WhatsApp on your mobile

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Although it is not the best messaging application that we can install on our smartphone, WhatsApp is the most popular. It doesn't matter that Telegram is much more complete, with more options and above all more secure, if we want to talk to most of our contacts We have no choice but to use the Facebook-owned app.

And that WhatsApp is the most used messaging app has its drawbacks. Because when a tool is used by millions of people around the world, there are always people with bad intentions who will want to profit from this situation. And if not, tell Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and whose cell phone was hacked because of "the fault" of WhatsApp.

The risks of using WhatApp: what you should never do when using this app

WhatsApp can be a very useful tool but unfortunately it is not the safest app on the play store. Although its developers have been saying for years that WhatsApp is completely secure and that conversations are end-to-end encrypted (only conversation participants will be able to access them), never let your guard down.

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Any careless use of WhatsApp or any misuse of this app can cause disaster. Hacking our smartphone is the worst thing that can happen to us, especially considering that we hold a lot of personal information, such as photographs, contact information, and even cards and bank accounts.

  • Never share private information such as account passwords or credit card PINs on WhatsApp , as well as other sensitive financial data.
  • No reply may a messages from unknown numbers.
  • Never respond to messages from alleged financial entities asking us for personal information, they are scams or phishing scams.
  • Never accept links, documents, videos or images from strange or unknown numbers.

  • In the WhatsApp settings, it's better disable automatic downloading of photos and videos. In this way we will have full control of what is sent to our mobile.
  • Never use WhatsApp on public Wi-Fi networks. Of course, avoid passwordless Wi-Fi networks. Always avoid using public Wi-Fi networks wherever they come from.
  • And even if it's obvious… never give or sell a smartphone without first having it deleted WhatsApp history and have restored the factory settings.

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  • Last but not least, WhatsApp will never ask us for our personal data or any other type of information. Again it will be a scam.

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In reality, using WhatsApp is not dangerous. By simply using common sense we will avoid greater evils. But the latter is not only applicable to WhatsApp, but also to any other application and, in general, to life itself.

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