What you should do on your Android that you are definitely not doing

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Surely, like any average user, you switch cell phones every about two years. Every time you change your mobile, do exactly the same procedure: enter your Google account> go to Google Play> download the usual apps, but, despite this, there is one thing that he almost never does and that, unfortunately, cell phones are not activated by default. One of the main problems when changing mobile phones are contacts, since we have a bad habit of saving them on the SIM card or, worse, in the internal memory of the phone.

And what should you do now, now, on your Android phone if you aren't doing it yet? Start saving all contacts in your Google account once and for all. Not because it is easier, not because of the advantages it has, but because of a security problem. And why am I telling you this? Well, read on, I'll explain it to you.

Saving your contacts in Google is real health

Imagine having all your contacts saved on the SIM card or in the internal memory of your mobile phone. What if your phone breaks and you need to change your cell phone? Well, you will do what everyone does: open Facebook and tell your friends that you have lost all contact and that they text you their number. Is useful? Is it efficient? I already tell you that I will not, because if the 900 people you had in your diary send you their cell phone then you have to put them one by one to insert them in your terminal.

It wouldn't be easier to upload contacts to Google Contacts and having them well saved in the cloud, knowing what happens to your current phone, will you be able to retrieve them using your Gmail? It is a service free, unlimited, safe and really useful. If you still don't do this on your phone, it already takes time. You just have to change where you save contacts when you go to register a new one, it's that easy!

If you don't want to go through the Google circle, another option is to always have a backup your contacts using vCard files. These can be generated from the settings of your favorite contacts app, although they have the disadvantage that they are not synced automatically and that you need to be aware of taking backups on a regular basis. You choose.

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