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Used by millions of people around the world, the WhatsApp messaging app is undoubtedly one of the most useful tools in the entire Google application store. Now, the app now owned by Facebook is by no means the best.

If, for example, we compare it with its main competitor, Telegram, we find that WhatsApp has some important shortcomings. If its developers decide to incorporate all these functions which we detail below, it would certainly be the perfect tool.

Support for multiple devices

In 2020, WhatsApp continues to be the most used messaging app in the world

We will not be deluded, in terms of how WhatsApp works, it is quite correct. The only problem is that it only works well on ONE smartphone. Unlike its main competitors, WhatsApp cannot be used on multiple devices at the same time. Nothing to take it to a second mobile, not even a tablet. To make matters worse, its web version for using WhatsApp on a Windows or Mac OS computer is terrible.

From this it could be copied from Telegram. This tool is multi-device, we can install it on as many devices as we want, it has a tablet version and its desktop version works great. Too bad that an app with millions of downloads like WhatsApp does not allow us to access multiple sites at the same time.

Secret chats and messages that are deleted over time

Telegram (again) has a very cool feature that makes it one of the most private messaging apps today. It's about secret chats. With these chats we can send messages without leaving a trace on the Telegram server, also they can be scheduled to be deleted after a while and cannot be forwarded.

The problem with WhatsApp is that once you write something and give it to send, the message stays logged. If a few seconds have passed, the message may be deleted but our contact has a notice of such deletion. Hence, Telegram's secret chats seem essential to us that WhatsApp should incorporate as soon as possible.

Select who you want to see your online status

WhatsApp allows us to generally select who can see our last connection, our profile picture and our information or statuses. The problem is that we can only select whether everyone, only our contacts or directly that no one sees us at all. Unfortunately we cannot select specific contacts.

For example, if we just want - for whatever reason - our relatives, certain friends or our partner to see our status, with WhatsApp it is not possible. Rumors claim WhatsApp is working on it, but like all updates to this app, they're slower than the bad guy's horse.

Forget facebook

Thanks to WhatsApp, Facebook has millions of data from all of us

WhatsApp from Facebook. Ever since the social network acquired this tool, we all knew that nothing would be the same. Thanks to WhatsApp, Facebook has a gigantic database. Photos, information, phone numbers… we can also link our WhatsApp phone number to Facebook, although we honestly don't see any reason to do so. All of this also means that the safest thing is that the messaging app will soon start receiving personalized ads as we already see on Facebook.

I wish WhatsApp worked to be a more independent app. Many of us who use your app don't like Facebook - and we recommend deleting it from your mobile terminal. Although we doubt that this happens, but on the contrary. Unfortunately, WhatsApp will be increasingly integrated with the social network.

As we always say, we hope that WhatsApp will gradually add new features. While they know they are the most popular messaging app today, they seem to be in no rush to upgrade. And that's a shame, because with all these changes, WhatsApp would be a much better app.

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