What types of UBER are there? Are there many UBERs?

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What types of UBER are there?

UBER contains many guaranteed transports to be able to transfer you in your different circumstances. It can also be used in the transfer of packages; but its originality is in private transport system. Here we will explain all the UBERs that exist internationally

Remember that UBER is a company which was founded in the United States and spread to parts of Latin America and much of Europe. Thus becoming an unprecedented transport company.


It offers you style and comfort with capacity for one large number of people; This is the superior version which has a maximum capacity of six people with luggage included.

UBER SUV offers you comfort vans, has three rows of leather seats. They are perfect for transfers of colleghi di work or are also ideal for those days when you want to go out and have fun without using your car.

Everything UBER SUV lets you do is impressive; you can improvise an outing and, above all, share the fare with everyone; it also offers you safety, thanks to the measures implemented by UBER SUV.


A little bit of style on every trip, it is one of the most selected UBER types; in fact, it is considered the service required by businessmen. UBER BLACK owes its name to the fact that every car required is dark or sober in color, both inside and outside.

You can travel in peace without the stress of public transport, it is a means of transport that can help you in everything; You can plan your trip with UBER BLACK to get to that appointment you have been organizing for months for your special someone, to arrive quickly and in style for a job interview or if you want to pamper yourself this weekend.

It has a maximum capacity of four passengers in addition to the driver, who can decide whether to dress elegantly. In addition, all UBER BLACK cars have a black interior and air conditioning.


If you have special needs, UBER ASSIST is ideal for those with special needs, reduced mobility or who needs additional help. For example, for the elderly and pregnant women.

It is a high quality service, the drivers who offer these services know the circumstances perfectly well and are fully aware of the safety requirements applicable.

UBER ASSIST also offers to help you with everything you need, whether it be loading and unloading wheelchairs, crutches or canes, UBER drivers are ready to help.


You will always have a day to share and enjoy as a group, whether to go to the cinema, a long-awaited concert, etc .; And thanks to UBER XL you can travel in minivan a four doors with a capacity of six people plus the driver. Best of all, the rate can be shared between users.


You can travel with other people when you need to save on your trip; in that way? Well, in UBER POOL you share trips with another passenger traveling in the same area as you ; and gives you the convenience of being able to share the price of the trip.

It is important to remember that the driver can drop the other user before you if their route is closer than yours, then it will only deflect for a moment. We recommend using UBER POOL for when you want to go somewhere without rush and can pay half the trip.

It's impressive all kinds of UBERs you can have access to; There are many UBERs implemented all over the world, just install the application and choose which UBER you need at that moment and the ones available in your country.

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