What to do when a mobile phone falls into water or gets wet and won't turn on

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However, with its progress other needs arise. Such as taking photographs with greater breadth and clarity, higher quality in the signal for messages or calls, large storage capacity even in equipment with the ability to withstand accidents that escape our hands, such as the exposure of the phone to water.

There are times when dropping your mobile phone into a bucket of water, toilet or washing machine ends up in total catastrophe, as it can cause you to lose your device or can even be repaired if your mobile gets wet.

Other situations that can affect your mobile are that it falls and the image is not seen or that it has scratches on the screen, but we will focus on whether a non-waterproof phone gets wet.

What to do when a mobile phone falls into water or gets wet and won't turn on?

The first thing to do is not to panic, calm down and act quickly. We have designed some activities that may be appropriate to avoid serious damage to your mobile phone. Next, we will present the main options you can do when this event occurs:

  • In case the device is connected to the charger you have to first lower the switch that distributes electricity to the whole house or to the place where you are. If you try to retrieve your cell phone and dip your hands into the water, there may be an electrical discharge in your body. Which would lead to a catastrophe.
  • Take the device out of the water as soon as possible
  • Take towels or paper towels and remove as much water as possible
  • Even if the mobile phone still emits sounds, vibrations or some signal that is still working, it is not advisable to restart it, as this can cause a short circuit.
  • If your device has a removable battery, uncover and remove it
  • Take out the SIM cardas well as the external memory card and all other accessories that the phone carries with it
  • You need to use a type of compressed air device such as a vacuum cleaner or even a hair dryer. In case you don't have it for now, you can briefly place your mobile in front of the fan or under the sun's rays.
  • There are studies that have shown that the rice, being an absorbent type of cereal, it can effectively remove the greatest amount of moisture in its environment. So it is advisable to take a sizable sum and fill a commission. Then introduce the mobile phone and leave it there for about 48-72 hours.
  • If you have silica sachets (they are the gel sachets that we find in some products such as shoes and which are used to absorb moisture). Put some next to the device and rice, this can help too.
  • After the estimated time has elapsed, you can proceed to try to turn it on and with a little luck the phone will work as before the accident.

What You Should Know About Your Cell Phone Water Test

No type of cell phone is returned waterproof. The mobile phone industry was clear to insist that its devices be waterproof.

This means that a mobile phone that has been exposed to water for a few seconds can function normally, but this is variable, because factors such as prolonged exposure and elements such as salt can be corrosive and damage the device in the same way. mobile.

How do waterproof devices work?

A mobile device is produced with multiple holes. Or in the slot to charge the battery, hole to insert the headphones, rear and front camera, flash among others. All of these are access channels for water.

The answer to this was the rubber gaskets which are designed in a dense, compact and compressed way inside the device to provide greater security to the mobile phone.

If your mobile is not waterproof, you can turn your mobile into a water mobile and use it underwater. Technology is advancing day by day and there will come a time when we can use our mobile phones in any kind of environment. Without any fear.

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