What to do if the touch does not work or does not respond on my Samsung mobile

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Since the touch screen is essential in the use we give to the mobile, we must be aware when a fault occurs, know what to do and fix it. Therefore, in this development we will explain what you can do if you notice that the touch begins to slow down or that marks appear from time to time.

How to know if your Samsung touch is getting damaged?

In general, when this problem starts appearing in the Samsung mobile, the effects start to be noticed automatically, sometimes being more constant in the breakdowns. In these cases, the main symptoms of this problem are that the phone does not respond to the touches we give to the screen or colored lines appear.

On the other hand, it may happen that the screen goes black and we do not see anything or that it is screen changes color when we make certain touches on it. Now, what can you do to fix or fix this problem that prevents you from using your Samsung normally?

What to do if the touch does not work or responds?

In some cases, it might happen that, if your mobile phone screen has tempered glass as a protection and you haven't changed it for a long time, it would be good if you did. We say this because, many times, the problem is in that glass which, because it has time, loses quality in the connection of the touches with the screen.

Also, it is important to disinfect your phone and check the Samsung screen thoroughly for make sure that is not broken anywhere. In this case, if you see that the screen has a game or dance that does not allow it to fit well, it would be best to take your mobile to a Samsung technician.

On the other hand, you can thoroughly clean the screen of the Samsung, with a cotton swab and a little alcohol, which it will remove any residual dust that interferes with touches. Now, if you have already done all these steps carefully and still notice that your Samsung touch still does not work, you can do something else.

Sometimes there may be damage to the phone which affects the touch performance, when downloading applications to the phone that are too heavy or not compatible with it. Therefore, the best is if you suspect that an application is not working, you can activate your Samsung's safe mode to prevent.

How can you activate Safe Mode on your Samsung?

To do this, you need to press the side button on / off on your mobile to turn it off; That option will appear and you just have to tap on it until it turns off completely. Once done, you can turn it back on, but in this case you have to hold down the power key along with the volume down key.

This step must be done for a few seconds for it to work; and you will see it reflected on the screen when you turn it on with the message "Safe mode". With this mode already activated, you have to delete all the most recent applications you have installed to check which one is not working.

Continuing with the steps you can take to fix this problem, in case none of the above steps worked for you then follow the latter. As one of the last options your Samsung offers you, it is "Factory reset" the equipment, if doing so improves the problem.

To do this, the first thing you should do to do is a backup of all data that you have stored on your mobile, so as not to lose them. If in this way the problem with the touch persists, it is recommended to take it to a Samsung technical center.

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