What to do if my Canon digital camera does not turn on the screen? - Final solution

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However, like any technological artifact, some errors can occur which can be caused by different circumstances. From both factory purchase and use, the Canon digital camera may not turn on the display. 

If this happens you don't have to worry too much, there are solutions to prevent it from happening. Some more definitive than others can be found here, being easily applicable to your camera Canon.

Solutions found when a Canon camera does not turn on the screen

If you know how to use a SLR camera professionally, you may immediately notice this error from yours Canon. One of the easiest solutions to find is that of check the block given when the camera comes into contact with moisture, dust, or any other aspect that affects its operation.

If this happens, the camera will turn off immediately and will not turn on until the its not been it will come edited. To verify that it is blocked, you can use these verification alternatives:

Alternative 1

The first thing to do is to remove all accessories or accessories from the camera such as battery, battery and SD or MicroSD card. The number of accessories will depend on the Canon model you own, so press the power button for 15 seconds.

After 15 seconds, just insert the battery and try to turn on the device. In case this doesn't work, you can resort to another alternative.

Alternative 2

For this alternative you have to remove also all accessories of the camera, leaving it without battery for 8 hours. As time goes by, you should plug in the battery and try to turn on the Canon.

Both alternatives should provide one definitive solution, by turning the camera back on at the end of the process, regardless of which one has been implemented.

What to do if none of the alternatives work?

Another typical failure of a Canon camera with a removable battery is that it loses the ability to receive a charge. This means that the life cycle of the battery has ended, having to replace it with another. 

However, before doing so it is important to check if this is what happened, as it is an effective way to check the inserting another battery. If the camera turns on, it means you need to replace the battery to edit photos like a pro shot with a Canon.

In case the device does not turn on, it is possible that the firmware of the camera is damaged. This will only be resolved with the advice offered by the Canon support for this type of inconvenience, the information is found online.

If the camera has been damaged, being a tool you use at work, you can resort when buying another. It is well known that many of their costs are high, but they are worth every penny it takes to buy this device as new.

Once this is done, you will avoid having to take professional photos with your mobile, resulting in an even more arduous task. In case of utilization camera for use personal and non-professional, the buying a new one can wait a little longer.

This would also help in having one range and quality better, creating improvements in the photographs taken. Any alternative or solution you prefer will be taken according to your needs, making it possible to have a better opportunity to improve each of yours skill when using the camera. 

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