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The virtual is the new possibility of connect and live the best experiences of our life from our homes. We can make unique stages such as degrees, become an element that, obtained from the digital field, are an unparalleled experience.

The global limits on health and risk are high. Therefore, it is necessary opt for great virtual experiences

This big event in our life now it goes hand in hand with being able to connect and live without resorting to transfers or risks.

Aside from all the turmoil, a virtual graduation ceremony is a great idea for to commemorate and celebrate it study effort, with the best ideas.

Fundamental aspects for a virtual degree. 

Be subject to the element of digital experience. We must remember that the Internet and digital devices, as well as the platforms used, they will be a lively concern. Nobody wants to be disturbed on their big day. Therefore, creating or configuring a WiFi network correctly must be a priority. 

In line with this order of ideas, not only is the configuration of the network crucial, but it will also be to improve the speed of WiFi and the Internet, and in this way ensure that the development of the events takes place. materialize in the best possible way, and reducing the risk of connectivity problems. It would be catastrophic if your network collapsed in the middle of the ceremony.


It is useless for it to be planned the best virtual graduation ceremony, with the best ideas, and our internet is a chain that subjects us to shortcomings and calamities. How to speed up the internet as much as possible will always be a priority, as will using a browser like Google Chrome for the virtual graduation ceremony

What to do for a virtual graduation ceremony? 

The first thing is to keep in mind that the fact that the graduation ceremony is virtual, and perhaps from home, does not imply that we should present ourselves as we are in everyday life.

In our house we always go for comfort. The pajamas or with the skin in contact with the environment is the trend. But being a structured ceremony we have to dress and dress as if it were physical

Decoration is essential, we cannot neglect this element, we all want them things are as aesthetic as possible, to be able to show everyone our virtual graduation ceremony. Now we can tune into it and create a cute place to portray them and make it look like something out of a trending magazine. 

The actions to be done are typical of the event, if they are degrees for children, adolescents or adults, it does not matter, it all boils down to the same thing: make sure it's a good experience.

A presentation of the results and positive aspects must be done in our mind, to bring that inner joy to the virtual aspect. A virtual graduation ceremony it can be even more exciting than a physics.

 Well, the direct and unique contact with our relatives at home will be the starting point for an unforgettable event. We remember that the most precious thing is our loved ones and this can be an opportunity to understand each other even more. 

How to organize a virtual graduation ceremony?

This is the question that plagues the most, but in unison it is the easiest to solve. All the anguish of the traditional event is over. As the ceremonial protocol, the built ritualism and the stress that the moment approaches and the celebratory agency is not properly connected and prepared. 

The first thing will be to specify with the participants and find the digital medium with the greatest reach for everyone and which is the most practicable due to its accessibility. For these events, usually they turn to Skype or Zoom. But considering that the possibility is great. 

We need to change the paradigm, and put aside the traditional rigidity of graduation ceremonies. As we meet in a virtual way, everything becomes more exciting, we turn our gaze and see with new eyes the wonders of life's progress for what they are, glorious achievements.

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