What they are and how to work with collections in an Excel spreadsheet

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This is known as Visual Basic and is nothing more than a set of commands preset by the program to perform whatever the user wants to add.

What is a collection?

Collections are creations used in many applications to be able to group a group of certain related objects together.

In turn, working with collections in an Excel spreadsheet is one of the most dynamic ways they allow you to work flexibly with created groups.

On the other hand, the matrices are very similar to the collections within this system, so the collection is characterized by the group of objects it works with, which they can be increased or decreased dynamically based on the application.

This parameter is considered a class, so you must declare its instances to add or remove the elements it contains.

Because these objects contain processed information in the form of data, there are class modifications that establish security parameters.

Collection types that can be enabled in Excel

Within each collection specification, there are types that vary according to the purpose for which it was created. These in turn are provided by . NET Framework.


It is just as its Spanish translation indicates, as it allows for the creation of collections of generic spatial classes.

This type is most useful when the objects it contains within it deserve to respect a specific type of data that has been established. Each type of collection has a series of classes, characterized by being used within them:

  • La Dictionary coding  represents a grouping of key pairs organized by value.
  • Collections in an Excel spreadsheet have a list in the form of an index that allows access to the objects. It is established by the term List  and allows you to sort, search and edit.
  • Tail   shows a sorted collection of those objects that created the first inputs and outputs (FIFOs).
  • In reverse, Stack represents the collection in the order of the last inputs, then of the first outputs (LIFO).


It sets the space required for threads efficiently and securely in order to gain access to the items it contains.

This type of class should be used when these threads have concurrent access to the collection that was created.


Some of the classes used in this security parameter are BlockingCollection, CocurrentDictionary, among the others.


It is responsible for storing the elements that occupy it as objects without a specific type, but by default of the object type.

As includes classes with no security parameters, its constant use is not recommended due to the likelihood of data loss. Among the classes used for this type of collection are:

  • ArrayList it is the representation of a collection that dynamically increases its size when needed.
  • On the other hand, Hashtable establishes a collection of pairs based on their key and value organized by the hash code they have.

Visual Basic Collection

Finally, we find the Visual Basic collection for accessing items with a numeric index. It is used to add elements to an object without the need to specify or not the key it belongs to.

Excel is a program that is difficult for many to use, but with the necessary practice you can manage it easily. To work quickly, Excel offers you the ability to view two sheets at the same time.

Once you're done working in Excel, you might be interested in knowing that you can protect your spreadsheets.

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