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In some models, depending on their age, this is an action that may or may not be normal. However, in general, this is a configuration or connection issue that can be solved easily and quickly so that you can play any video on your Smart TV.

Another reason you may not have the YouTube watching action available is that yours device created this application or its quick access in flash, for which the application does not provide sufficient support.

You may have heard from many that the best solution is to buy a more modern TV which will solve the root problem. However, here we will explore more options with which we can solve this problem and thus be able to go ahead and enjoy all the content that the platform can offer you.

Why was YouTube deleted from my Smart TV?

On some occasions it may happen that at any moment, the apps that came from the factory on our Smart TV or that we installed via the app store disappear, leaving us totally perplexed.

This could be due to many factors, but the general reason, which happens in most Smart TVs, is because yes it is a model that has an obsolete system, which has gotten much older over time.

How to set up YouTube on my Smart TV?

Once you have downloaded the YouTube application on Smart TV, the first thing to do will be to check if you actually have the latest version of the application, if not it would be better to update it, not only for new functions, but also correcting any errors or bugs.

After updating the application, in the main YouTube window, we will find an option called Login, this will allow us to log in with our Google account in the application.

After logging in, we can view the playlists we have saved, the channels we are subscribed to, the recommendations from the platform, etc.

In case you want to use YouTube via a TV Cast application, the first thing to do is search the YouTube website via the Google browser on TV Cast.

After entering YouTube, in the same way as the application, we can log in through our email to finally have YouTube configured on our Smart TV.

When YouTube disappears from my Smart TV, what to do?

If the YouTube application has disappeared from our Smart TV then it is worth looking for the source of the reason why this happened, however, the reason why this happens most of the time is because YouTube doesn't work on an outdated system.

Therefore, if our Smart TV has Software updates, it is always advisable to update it, so we get rid of problems like these, but, in case it doesn't have an update, what should we do?

Well, in this case, we have two options, one is reinstall it using the Whatsapp store which contains our Smart TV, the other option is that the YouTube application has stopped supporting the software version you are using ..

Leaving us as a last option for acquire a device such as Chromecast or other similar competing products that may offer us a solution.

How to restore YouTube to Smart TV?

Se we want to restore the YouTube application on our Smart TV, it is because it is not working properly, if you have already updated it and the problem persists then it would be better to see how you can restore the application from YouTube.

For this, we must go to the Smart TV settings, go to the applications section and select the YouTube application, after selecting it, we can try options such as clearing data and information cache, as well as returning the application to its original factory.

If we activate this option, we will bring the YouTube application to the first version that had on the Smart TV, however, the best thing would be after resetting it, update it properly via the Smart TV app store.

In case we don't have a feature like returning the application to factory origins, we can always have the option to uninstall YouTube and download and install it again.

What to do if YouTube doesn't work on Smart TV?

It may happen that the YouTube application does not respond efficiently on our Smart TV, for this, the main thing first of all is identify why YouTube isn't working.

This could be due to the version of our software on the Smart TV, an old version of the application or simply because the application contains some corrupted files.

Depending on the cause of the problem, we will see if it is convenient to update the application, update our Smart TV operating system in case we have an update available or, finally, use a Cast TV.

How to update YouTube?

Updating the YouTube application is not complicated at all, just go to the app store of our Smart TV, go to the section of our applications and find the YouTube app, then insert it and if an update is available, provide it in update.



How to use the TV Cast application with old Smart TVs

To get started, you should try all those common problems or mistakes that you may have made during the installation, as in general, this is usually the main reason for these errors. Likewise, you can check within the instruction guide that your device offers you to rule out any errors on your part. If none of these work, you can do the following:

  • Start by verifying that yours Smart TV and your mobile phone are connected to the same WiFi network terminal. If this is the case, proceed to open development within your TV.
  • After that, now proceed to run TV Cast inside your phone and close all those notifications that appear initially as well.
  • You will see that in the ribbon at the top, a television will be represented, which has several waves on its sides. Once you have verified this you have to click on the window Start search.
  • There you will see the search engine that will open by default, what you will proceed to do is log into the YouTube app, writing its name in the corresponding bar. When you log in, you can enter wherever you want within the system and you will also see that everything in the same system is fine.
  • It is also important to make sure that you can view your videos without any problems or that, failing that, they reach their capacity to display with high quality reproduction.

What are the general steps possible to fix this problem?

In general, these problems tend to be transmission problems and are mostly caused by the various conditions in which the network is found or, failing that, the Internet connection. You can check the following:

  • Start by closing the YouTube application, after reopening it and try by accessing the search for applications and seeing if it appears or, failing that, does not reopen.
  • Similarly, you can try to close all those applications that are running full at that moment in order not to overload the work.
  • You can make sure your TV is connected to Internet or be it network it does not work, as this is one of the most frequent causes.
  • With this data you can regain access to the YouTube application or, failing that, it will give you back access. Since in general, these problems occur when there is a bad one connection or if there is an error in the way you connected the device.

How to restart a Smart TV?

When a Smart TV is restarted, it loses all settings which have been modified, leaving it practically the same as the first time it was used.

Losing from the settings implemented in the area of ​​the WiFi network to the applications downloaded on the Smart TV, therefore, restarting a Smart TV it is only recommended if it presents a problem TV-level technician or if you plan to sell it or give it to someone else.

To restart the Smart TV, we simply need to go to the settings of the Smart TV via the remote control, we look for the specialized settings, in this we will find a number of options, but among them we must find functions such as Reset or Reset Smart Hub.

If we find both options, it is ideal that both options are realized on the Smart TV, only in this way the TV will not contain any personal information or any other configuration previously made.

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