What's better for listening to music, Spotify or iTunes?

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Spotify it has become popular in recent years unlike iTunes which has long been on the market for Apple devices. In any case, the Spotify application enjoyed great popularity rivaling what was once the undisputed queen of iTunes we will make a comparison so you can decide which app is best for you.

You should know that there are many comparisons and many applications. For example, many are also wondering what Spotify or Soundcloud is better and many other comparisons they should also consider to select their perfect music application.

Wait to compare Spotify and iTunes

The only way to conclude if something is better than something else it is to compare them, for this it is necessary to establish certain criteria and that is precisely what we will comment on in the next space. Read the following talking points carefully to draw your own conclusions.

In any case, before getting started, if you are a Spotify user, you should consider the best Spotify tricks to get the most out of it, as this may change your perception of the application. Without further ado, let's continue with the comparison.

The price

From the beginning, each of the services found in iTunes and Spotify can be obtained for the price of €9,99, which could imply that there is a tie in this section, but that's not the end of the story.

In fact, let's consider that Spotify has everything to win here, iTunes has a free trial period of three months, after which you will have to pay the previous sum to enjoy the application, since the free iTunes catalog is very small.

Spotify offers a high quality free system, through which by simply viewing the advertisements in the application it is possible to access practically the entire catalog of the platform. That is why in terms of price and advantages in its free version Spotify wins in this section.

The quality of the audio

This is perhaps one of the points where it generates more debate, since the free versions of iTunes and Spotify offer 160 kbps and 256 kbps respectively. What determines that at least in the free section the sound quality of iTunes is better. But what about the paid versions?

As for the paid versions of iTunes and Spotify, the Apple company application offers the AAC format and Spotify offers mp3. AAC format has proven to be more efficient and higher audio quality than mp3, so you can get better quality on iTunes.


As for the catalog, we believe both applications are related as each offers more than 30 millions of songs. In any case, some artists will not appear on Spotify and others may not appear on iTunes.

Even so, both apps offer one splendid catalog where you can enjoy hours and hours of continuous music, so we determine that both applications are very well positioned in relation to the music present in them.

Also in relation to the catalog comes into play the comparison between Spotify or Amazon Music and which platform is better, another contender that must be considered if we talk about the amount of music available.

What's better for listening to music, Spotify or iTunes?

So, looking at the previous points, it's time to answer the question and then what is better to listen to music, Spotify or iTunes? The truth is, this is not an easy answer and it solely depends on what you are looking for within these platforms.

  • In case you want higher audio quality, iTunes might be the best option.
  • If you want a free option with good features (albeit with ads) undoubtedly Spotify is the best.
  • In the case of the catalog, both are considered to be related (with the exception of those artists who do not appear).

As we noted above, the answer to the question, which is Spotify or iTunes better? It's something you have to answer for yourself in relation to what catches your attention the most in each of the applications.

Finally, if you still have questions about music services, you can consider some of the best free alternative applications to Spotify, as there are many contenders who go unnoticed at other times.

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