What percentage does Uber charge? How much money does Uber make for each trip?

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With the latter in mind, it is clear that Uber makes money, but really how many money? Therefore, below we will talk a little bit about what Uber earns in general, which will not only make it very clear to you what you will earn in case you want to go to work under Uber's wing as a driver.

But it will also make the amount of money Uber earns as a company.

How much money does Uber keep per trip?

The number of people who need one every day taxi ride It is huge. This also gets much bigger in big cities around the world, where often having your own car can be a bad thing due to congested traffic. So Uber has always taken advantage of it, and puts its service in command of those who need a fast journey.

For this, it employs thousands of drivers that they must follow certain internal regulations regarding the safety of the vehicle with which it will be driven, the credentials of the driver and successfully pass various periodic reviews.

Once this is done, the driver can start working without problems within the Uber system, where the application will send him a customer close to his position and he will have to respect the journey. After this comes the payment.

And, putting aside the local currency that is used per country on each trip, the commission percentage Uber stays with for the trip is fixed: 25%. This will always be automatically charged for the cost of travel. Even if it is a trip that is paid for in cash, this amount will automatically be withdrawn from what is done electronically through the application, so that later the rest can be collected directly by the driver.

The life of an Uber driver

In general, working at Uber can be very profitable depending on how you spend your money. True, the fact that Uber has kept the 25% of your earnings it can be a huge blow to your monthly economy, so you should take precautions in this if you plan on joining Uber's work team.

Uber drivers have to work hard to recover that profit of 25%, but this is where the app helps enormously. This, as such, has the sole task of providing customers with a driver in a safe and fast way. That's why there will always be work for an Uber driver, especially when it's rush hour in the city, which leaves the driver alert with fuel bills.

On the latter, we must take into account the commissions. When a trip takes longer than expected, if the person requests a detour for some reason or if there is traffic, the driver will end up making more money, which is a positive aspect of the whole thing.

And, in fact, when it's rush hour in the city, and there are few Ubers, the fares go up in dynamically, due to the demand of the users who are currently using the system, but if you know enough this can be calculated.

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