What other applications like Uber are there?

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Cabify, Didi e Beat are some of the applications that we can mention, as they are all part of the revolution in citizen mobilization; to the point that Didi or Beat become a difficult choice as an alternative to Uber. Across Latin America, many countries already have several of these options, but they have caused discomfort to the taxi trade union that lives there.

If you are traveling to an unfamiliar country, or your vision concerns a work problem, here we will leave you a small list with some of the transport services most common and that are managed in a safe and reliable way, through a telephone application.

Note that these are applications that only work in big cities and where their use is legal, a great alternative for other applications such as Uber.

Easy taxi

This is a more widely available taxi service in Mexico, its major cities of work they are Monterrey, Puebla, Guadalajara, Cancun and Querétaro. Many already see it as direct competition from UBER.

This company has become very popular today, as it has taken great care to offer quality service, with unit in optimal condition and provide users with an excellent information tool about their drivers.


This is a taxi service that has been represented for a long time in the Mexican market, as well as having wide coverage in the city, as it focuses on hiring drivers who have a private car, making it available to its users, quality unity through the app participation.


Its application has a built-in tracker, with which you can track the car that has been requested, in addition to including a list with the data of the driver you have selected, in the same way you can do reviews and qualifications, on the service in your website.


This is a Mexican company, which has a large availability within Mexico City, providing its customers with the lowest and most extended rates in the country. It offers multiple and different services, in which it proposes multiple categories in which the customer is given the opportunity to choose the type of car they want to choose for their trip, all through their own application.

Besides provide information on drivers and on their background, the company provides payment services to its users such as paying in cash or by debit and credit card.

City drive

The advertising of this application is " Your Driver 24/7 «, This is a great way to find a means of transport within your city that is comfortable, private and easy to acquire with just a couple of clicks with your smartphone.

This service does not require you to affiliate a card or payment method as can happen with Uber, as it is also possible to make payments for the service in cash. Right at the time of hiring the service, the application provides you with all the necessary information, such as the name of the driver, the car model, the fare to be paid and the route plotted.

These applications are great alternatives to Uber, as if one application doesn't meet your expectations, you can use another one to help you in a much broader way. These are options you can use together to get better benefits and much more affordable rates.

Thanks to the existing large supply and demand, it is possible to use various applications and compare prices or routes.

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