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A key and transcendent factor when it comes to meeting people and flirting on Badoo is undoubtedly the power that the photos in the user profile awaken or generate, since these photos, if they are good enough and visually stimulating, will somehow manage to fascinate, attract or even bewitch other users of this contact social network.

Unfortunately, some users do not know or do not value this powerful cover letter that can lead to some success or a continuous cycle of failures in Badoo at the moment, wanting to relate to those users who have not optimized or get the best from your photo albums. That's why this article will try to give some criteria and advice for uploading appreciable photos that do not go unnoticed.

But what kind of photos can be uploaded to Badoo?

All photos uploaded to Badoo are necessarily subject to the Terms of Use and Community Principles of this social network, and if not, photos that do not meet these criteria will be duly deleted.

That said, the photos you upload may in some way show your vision or a particular view of the world… Or, paint yourself as you are, who and how you are, your surroundings, landscapes and things that appeal to you or motivate you and that you definitely want, project or capture them so that other users can perceive them and feel who you are.

There are 2 types of photo albums:

  • Public albums: they are photos that can be seen by all those users who visit your profile on Badoo and, without a doubt, they will have to show you clearly and project in the best possible way how wonderful you are.

Remember, that in your profile photos you will have to appear, at least in 3 of these and also, you can add later, photos of landscapes, funny images, with phrases or, whatever you want and project something positive in the receiver and that stimulates curiosity and the interest and something, I wrote about it before and this can help you.

  • Private album: creating this album is an optional thing… However, there are many users who have given it to us that it is a good » dress » to captivate one or more Badoo users with whom they have spoken and feel safe, closeness and attraction.

Some time ago I wrote about how private photos can be seen on Badoo and only, this time we could add, that private photos can be of a different nature and you will have the limits of what you want to show and what I want to provoke with those photos.

But what size or file type for photos does Badoo accept?

The photographic formats accepted on Badoo are the classic JPG and PNG with a size limit of 128MB and finally the dimensions must be at least 200 x 200 pixels.

How to upload photos to Badoo?

To upload a photo, just click on » Aggiungi photo » and then choose the way or option you want to upload a photo. That is, you can upload a photo that you already have on Facebook, Instagram or Google+ or upload it from your computer.

How to be more photogenic? | attractive photos

Finally, it is possible to point out some aspects that must be taken into account, in order to have truly captivating photos and to convey trust and something positive.

  • Sharp photos and in good lighting: it is necessary to upload photos that are not blurry and that they are not dark as it will be difficult to see their characteristics and they will pass you by. That's why you need to have photos that are well lit and focused so that the face can be clearly appreciated.
  • Full body photos: a factor that can increase interest and, logically, full body photos where you can show your figure and not just your face. A good tip for this type of photo is to pose with a certain degree of inclination and always looking at the camera, which is much better than a frontal and static photo.
  • Be more photogenic: To get a good profile photo, you can use the squint technique to convey a certain confidence and avoid wide-eyed photographs that generate tension and uncertainty. Something professional portrait photographer Peter Hurley knows very well and comments on in this video

  • Don't use a group photo: this type of photo, where a group of people appears, usually confuses and I don't know, identifies who the profile user really is, that's why it is better to avoid this type of photo where confusion or good, include group photos in which , logically, the person on the Badoo profile is appreciated.

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