What kind of license do I need to work at Uber?

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What kind of license do you need to work at Uber de México?

To drive with UBER in this location, you must first know how Uber works in Mexico, then evaluate which car or car is best to work for Uber and then have the following documentation:

  • The INE credential with CURP visible or the IFE credential : This is a document that identifies you as Mexican (equivalent to a national identity card or document in other countries). It is issued by the National Electoral Institute which replaced the Federal Electoral Institute.
  • Valid driving license : here if we put the question itself, why UBER offers public transport services. So, to work at UBER in Mexico you will need one of these license types: 

Type B license: Used to manage the individual public transport of passengers, such as motorcycles, bicycle-motorcycles, motorized tricycles, tetra-motorcycles, scooters and cars that are used for taxi service, vehicles no larger than 12 seats and cargo vehicles up to 3 tons. It is also used to drive private vehicles that require a type A license. 

Type C driving license: is a requirement for drivers of public passenger transport involving the use of van, minibus, minibus and bus. It is also used to drive private vehicles that require a type A license.

    • Current criminal record certificate (no older than 3 months).
    • Visual acuity assessment.
  • Safety certification: you must obtain it at the UBER service centers in the city where you reside. It consists of a psychometric exam and they check your car and your criminal record. 

And for Uber from Spain?

In Spain, UBER will require the following documentation to work with them as a driver:

  • Criminal record
  • If you are a foreigner, the NIE (Foreigners Identification Number) / TIE (Foreigners Identification Card).
  • Passport-style photo that looks straight ahead, well centered and in focus and viewed from the shoulders and across the face (will be used for your account profile).
  • Driver's license: you can present type B, which is the most common in Spain and allows you to drive cars that do not exceed 3.500 kg, designed to carry a maximum of 8 passengers in addition to the driver.
  • It is also possible to present the type D which allows you to drive vehicles designed to carry more than 8 passengers in addition to the driver.

In the process you will need a profile photo, the municipal driving permit Autotaxi, a card identifying the driver, a criminal record certificate and proof of the taxi's annual inspection.

There is the figure of the Tourist Vehicle with Driver (VTC), where you rent a vehicle with driver. This would give you more freedom than the taxi service. If you have a VTC license, to work with UBER you will be asked to fill in the form with the vehicle data and to send the following documents:

  • In addition to the VTC transport license, it includes the technical details of the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV), vehicle insurance and vehicle registration certificate.
  • If you plan to work with your own taxi, to work with UBER you need to hand over the driving permit, the urban taxi license and the annual taxi overhaul document.

As we have seen, you need to know which documents are essential to start making your first profits as a freelancer; Once you have met the requirements to be an Uber driver, you will be able to register with Uber step by step and thus have the necessary license to work at Uber.

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