What it means on Skype: Last seen, online, away from home

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Skype statuses are useful for knowing if a contact is busy, absent or active to know exactly when is the ideal time to talk to him about something.

Likewise, all or almost all of these states can be configured manually and will remain so until you decide to change them. They work in a very similar way to other applications and a little further down we will try to explain what each of the states of this app means and also in which situations they change automatically.

It is something extremely simple and easy to understand. We will go into detail on each status available in the app. A little further down we will teach you in a small tutorial how to quickly change skype states in so you can change them when you deem it necessary depending on the situation you are in.

What each Skype state means

Active: means that you are online and they can write to you. When you are on your computer and using it, even if Skype remains in the background, the active status will appear. For a mobile device, it must be in use for this status to be displayed.

Recently active: This is for when you stopped using the app a short while ago. After being active for about 4 minutes, the app changes your status to active recently.

Absent- means that an hour or more ago you stopped using the application. Absent appears after you stop using the app for a long time. You can also configure this status whenever you want. Even while using the app.

Busy- Used to keep the app open but not receive notifications or sounds when a message is sent to you. It's ideal for keeping it open just in case, but without anyone bothering you. This state must be configured manually.

What are the statuses of Skype and what they mean

Invisible: Basically this is how no one knows that you are connected in any way. You don't appear online, but you can continue talking and receiving messages, even calls. This is when 'Last Accessed' is displayed as this is the last time your status was active or busy. It can be configured whenever you want.

Offline: when you were not connected to Skype in any way. Here the »Last logged in» will be shown to your users when you were active or busy in your state. This status is displayed when you decide to log out or from the application.

It is not very difficult to understand what it means in Skype: Last Seen, Online, Away and the rest of the Skype states. Most are fairly intuitive and mean exactly what each word says.

You can configure Skype statuses whenever you want, how can you do it?

  • Open the application.
  • Click on your profile picture and you will see a drop-down menu.
  • In this menu you will see all available states. Press on whatever you want, you can change status as many times as you want.

If you want to do it from your mobile device it's pretty much the same.

  • Open the Skype app.
  • Click on the profile photo.
  • Then you will see several options, one of them says that "Online" is the first and would be the same as "Active".
  • If you click on it you will see all the states you have available to apply.

Remember that if you have any questions about Skype status you can leave it a little further down in the comment box.

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