What is WiFi AC and what are the advantages it offers us?

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WiFi AC works in the 5 GHz band, provides less interference in communications and has eight 160 MHz MIMO streams. While WiFi doesn't just work with four MIMO.

This new mechanism allows for better performance and signal strength, as it features beamforming technology. In turn, it works with a 256-QAM modulation which enables data transmission at a higher speed.

WiFi AC: what is it and what are its advantages?

Among the main advantages of Wifi AC is the speed with which it works, but it also has: higher performance, excellent efficiency, full compatibility, dual band, clean and stable signal, among others.

The advantages are noticeable unlike WiFi N, these have speeds of 1,3 Gbps in the antenna configuration. Similarly, the signal will always be clean, so you will get better reception overall thanks to the 5 GHz band.

Thanks to the technologies in operation, the range of the WiFi AC signal is improved, as it has a shorter range than the WiFi N. Likewise, thanks to the modulation used by the devices that connect to this Wi-Fi, they will consume less energy, therefore you won't have to worry about the battery.

WiFi AC routers can work in dual band, this is a good advantage, as they can be compatible with old and new devices. Works with 5 GHz and 2,4 GHz band connections.

Beamforming technology is responsible for sending the strongest signal to the device, it deforms the signal wave to deflect before obstacles such as walls. Its purpose is to provide a free signal until it reaches the receiver.

And even if you have old computers that are not compatible with WiFi AC, it won't be a problem, thanks to the fact that today's routers they can work simultaneously in dual band without any problem.

Enjoy faster connection speeds with WiFi AC

If you want to get the benefits of WiFi AC, you must first have the compatible device and at the moment it will no longer be a problem. Furthermore, you must have compatible wireless access with WiFi, a router or a repeater and that's it.

Likewise, we will mention which are some of the WiFi AC compatible products:

  • TP-LINK TL-WPA4530
  • Devolo dLAN, 1200+ WiFi AC
  • ASUS RP-AC56
  • TP-LINK WPA8630
  • TP-LINK WPA8730
  • Devolo GigaGate
  • TP-Link TL-WPA7510

WiFi AC, unlike WiFi N, will always provide faster connection speeds but doesn't have much range, it's the other way around, as WiFi N has a longer range but the speed will always be slower.

In your hands is the choice of having these new technologies, if you want more speed you can buy WiFi AC without any inconvenience. And the shorter range can be beneficial, as only you will have access and be safe from signal theft.

WiFi AC has positioned itself as the most balanced standard, its biggest advantage is the speed at which it works and you can get it at low cost. All these advances have been achieved thanks to the work of several manufacturers who strive every day to provide the best globally.

Therefore, it can be concluded that this new standard can be used to the maximum, and not only. It is important that you understand that most devices including laptops and tablets are compatible with this WiFi, it is a technology that has spread globally.

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