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As UBER knows its users perfectly, it has created a special and luxury transport service: UBER BLACK, but now, what is UBER BLACK? Well, in this article you can find out everything about this elegant service.

What is Uber Black?

Uber Black is a premium service offered by the UBER company, which bases its services on providing users with a taxi travel experience, unlike any other car trip, as you will have qualified drivers and very elegant black cars, to create a unique, luxurious and exclusive atmosphere.

By ordering one of these UBERs you will enjoy a spectacular experience fit for a king. You will have a recent model of black car, comfort and exclusivity when you walk, a very elegantly dressed professional driver, among others.

For what occasions would it be useful to order an Uber Black?

This service is ideal for when you have to attend different events. For example business meetings, weddings, evening events or any other occasion that requires a wide demonstration of refinement.

This kind of exclusivity is within reach. A few clicks are enough to open the doors to a path of elegance, comfort, excellent service and exclusive attention.

How to order an Uber Black?

Doing so is very simple and requires simple steps:

  • Enter the application

Log in to the usual app UBER from your smartphone. If you haven't downloaded it yet, get to work and install the Uber app on your phone.

After you get it, you need to detail your destination in the section called “Where are you going?”, So make sure both the destination and the starting point are correct. After that, at the bottom of the screen choose the option «BLACK» and confirm.

  • See Driver Partner data

Pay attention to see information on the car and the photo of the driving partner, this once they have already assigned you. You will also be able to do a thorough follow-up of the arrival to the arrival of this, from the map.

  • Get in the car

We recommend, before to get into the car, to check in detail if it is the same car you had chosen. You do this by looking at the car details.

  • Specify your path

It is true that the driving companion already knows the destination you are going to and the ways faster and efficient to get there. But, if you prefer, you can ask him to take a specific itinerary.

  •  Make payment

Once you arrive at your destination, you can get out of the car comfortably and without worries. This is because the payment for the service is made automatically with the method di payment that you prefer in Uber, be it cash or by card.

  • Evaluate the Driver Partner

This is a key thing, since such high quality service largely depends on the driving companion for which it would be a kind gesture to vote for it. In addition, you will also help other users to enjoy an experience top and safer.

How long could an Uber Black ride cost you?

If the fare varies depending on the country you live in, you can calculate the estimated fare that the UBER BLACK journey could cost. You just have to enter the app, specify both the starting point and the destination. Then, click on the car of your choice and you will see a price medium where you can get that trip.

Plus, when it comes to payment, you will have different options to do it. Whether in cash, by credit or debit card, Paypal and other options like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Have you noticed how much it is easy to order a UBER BLACK? Now that you know the exclusivity and the high quality of this service, you will certainly take this into account to arrive at your special events that convey luxury.

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