What is the motherboard and what is it for? How to choose the best PC motherboard?

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Computers are essential tools in daily life of almost everyone, for business or academic reasons or in any other field. That is why it is extremely important to perform preventive maintenance.

But whether it's in the event that, unfortunately, your computer has suffered damage, or you are drawn to the idea of ​​starting build a computer from scratch, the truth is, without a motherboard, you won't be able to progress.

What is a skirting board?

This component is what brings your computer to life, therefore if it is damaged, you will not be able to use the computer.

The motherboard could be defined as the operations center of your computer, since, from it, you will be able to know the different ones types of slots and connectors on you can count on, as well as the size of your CPU.

What is the motherboard for?

The motherboard is what it will help the rest of your computer's components work, hence its importance. Through it, the available slots, as well as the connectors and ports, will be able to work with mouse, keyboard, monitor, audio equipment, processor, RAM memory, graphics card, etc.

Motherboard models

One of the steps in choosing the ideal motherboard for your computer is the model. This decision should also be based on the intended use of the computer to ultimately determine the type of processor you need.

Your choice of motherboard model will also determine how much CPU space you need. So size does matter in this case. There are several motherboard models, but among the most used are:

  • ATX: On the market since 1995, it has become the most used motherboard in the world. In terms of size, it is one of the largest on the market. This is not exactly a disadvantage, as the larger the motherboard size, the more slots and connectors are available to integrate multiple components.
  • Micro ATX: Small in size and capacity, this type of motherboard is very popular for office-based computers that do not have higher functionality requirements.
  • Mini ATX: Finally, this is the smallest motherboard on the market, it only has two slots for the expansion of the RAM, is perfect for its performance and low cost, being intended for computers that perform very basic functions.

The ideal grip

Another thing to consider when buying a motherboard for your new computer is the space for the processor, which is called a socket.

The processor is important to ensure the performance of the rest of the components motherboard, so it's important to make sure they are compatible.

Knowledge of the chipset

Within the processor section you will find, with equal importance, the chipset. This component determines the availability of connections your motherboard may have: USB, SATA, among others.

Circuits suitable for use

Don't forget that the motherboard consists of a electrical circuit system which guarantee its functioning. This is another reason why there are different types of plates.

The quality of the circuits surrounding your motherboard must be equal to or greater than the workload you will give it. Since, in case of overload, the card could be damaged, or damage some of its components.

Graphics or video cards

If you are going to install a couple of games on your computer, it's always good have a video card to improve its sharpness.

In this sense, you should be well informed if the motherboard you are buying for your computer supports installation of concurrent graphics cards (in case you don't have one of ideal capacity), checking if it is compatible with SLI (For cards Nvidia graphics cards) or Crossfire (ATI graphics cards).

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