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Releasing a new cell phone is one of the most pleasant sensations there is. Remove the plastic from the box, the protections of the device, turn it on for the first time ... Although many users find it quite difficult to set up a device, I admit that I have a lot of fun leaving the device at will and thankfully thanks to my work, I can release many phones from different brands when it comes to analysis, such as the Huawei P40.

In addition to downloading all those applications that I use the most and therefore, ignoring the ones I had on my previous mobile phone and that I have never used (digital Diogenes syndrome) or putting a wallpaper that I like, I always take the time to configure certain elements of the device and I hate that they are turned on or off by default. Let's see if you agree with me.

Remove keypad tones, screen lock, vibration, touch sounds ...

I hate using a smartphone and making it ring every time I do something. I also hate people who have a tone on their keyboard as well as anyone who has a tone when their WhatsApp message is sent. It's a hobby that has been going on for a long time, so the first thing I do when I open a phone is preferably used for first time is go to sound settings and turn off all key tones, lock and unlock sounds and any other annoying sounds that you may be able to configure within applications.

Change the ringtone, notifications and remove the sound of WhatsApp WhatsApp groups

Let's continue with the sounds. I recognize that I am a lover of classic tones, which is why I go to the list of ringtones and always put the most classic there is, the one that we go for a lifetime. The same with the tones in notifications. The truth is, I've never liked being called out in public and a shrill melody plays, so I prefer something more subdued. Call me stale, I don't care.

Furthermore remove always all group tones in applications like WhatsApp or Telegram, so that notifications don't come to me every two by three. If something is urgent, call me or send me a private message.

Get me a launcher

Unless you have to analyze a mobile phone and therefore the level of personalization that that specific terminal brings, I've always liked pitchers. Not only because they give me a lot more freedom when it comes to personalizing my device, but also because I love pure Android. That is, if the phone has a level of customization that I don't like, I go to the Play Store and download Nova Launcher of which I also have the PRO version, which seems to me to offer a lot for the low price it costs ..

Nova Launcher is undoubtedly one of the essential apps that every Android user should have. Its customization options are endless, plus it works very fast and has a totally free version, in case you don't want to pay (even if its developer deserves it).

Turn off animations

This is already a matter of taste but my passion for minimalism makes me do these things. Disabling animations has many advantagesfor example your old android phone goes faster or at least it looks like that. How are they deactivated? It's really simple, although you have to go through a series of steps you may not know about, but don't worry, we'll explain it to you.

We just have to go to the Terminal Settings, About the phone and press several times on Compilation number (7 times in total). Once this is done, Developer Options will have been unlocked. Let's go there and look for the Window animation / transition / animation scale section where we can change the parameters. By default it is available in 1x although it can be lowered to 0,5 or deactivated directly. The best thing is to do some tests.

From here, it's time to start setting up the mobile to leave it the same as my previous mobile. For this, in most cases I take the opportunity to recover a backup copy, and then transfer all my data, photos and more to the new mobile.

And you, what is the first thing you do when you launch a new mobile?

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