What is the duration of a video on Instagram Reels? - Record and share your videos in TikTok style

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Before continuing, you will we recommend downloading the latest version of Instagram on your mobile from the official store or, failing that, to update the one you already have, because otherwise you may not see some of the things that will be explained to you below.

What is the duration of a video on Instagram Reels?

To get straight to the point and know as soon as possible what is the duration of a video on Instagram Reels, you need to know that every short video (as they are called) has a duration of 30 seconds.

It used to be 15 seconds, but in September this year the time was slightly extended, so users had more seconds to showcase their creativity by creating more elaborate videos.

In turn, a video it doesn't have to be exactly 30 seconds long, you will be able to trim the video in the previous seconds. And in case you want to overcome the time barrier and create something 1 minute long for example, you can always use typical videos or IGTV.

Likewise, you should know that the reels don't stop at the end like regular videos, but continue in an infinite loop, which doesn't take long to load even though it's in the best quality possible.

Finally, what differentiates Reels from stories is that you can stop the video whenever you want, you don't have to record everything at once, but your clip can be made up of several different fragments, which they will not lose cohesion due to the internal alignment function.

A few tricks to make your clips more interesting

With the above, you already know the length of a video on Instagram Reels, so to complete your information, it's time to see some tricks that can help you while recording your clips.

The first of these is to change the camera. In case you want to make a Reels with both cameras of your device, all you need to do to switch between them is to double tap the screen with your finger.

Another trick is to record using a background, this can be achieved in the same way as stories, you just need to press the smiley face icon that appears on the screen before you start recording, then choose a background from your gallery that you want to use.

Finally, another trick is to edit an already made video, but with Reels, you do this by clicking on the square icon that appears in the lower right corner of the screen, which will allow you to search for a video and upload it to your Reel.

And voila, with everything you've read you know what the duration of a video on Instagram Reels is, and you also know some tricks to create more professional clips, so you can start here, however before proceeding, you should keep looking for information from this platform such as: How to zoom in on the stories? Or failing that, what is Instagram Reels and how does it work? , to complete the information in this tutorial.

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