What is the difference between the existing types of hardware and software? - Basic guide

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Computers are wonderful devices that have made it possible technology development and they made our life easier. If you want to know more, today are we going to teach you what is the difference between the types of hardware and software that exist? - Basic guide.

What is the difference between the existing types of hardware and software? - Basic guide

The first thing to take into consideration to know the difference between hardware and software is the definition of each. For this reason, we will tell you very briefly what these elements are present in our computers.


When we talk about hardware we refer specifically to physical components that make up a computer, such as the processor, motherboard, sound card, or power source. They are those components that together make up the physical integrity of a computer.


We define software as the set of codes, programs, applications and other non-physical factors present on our computers. Some examples of software are the BIOS, operating system, programs, or video games.

Types of hardware

Today the amount of hardware existing is very large, in any case there are some essential components that make up our computers, such as:


The processor or CPU is in charge of perform the calculations and the analysis operations necessary for the functioning of our computer. It is an essential piece, since through it the instructions coming from the hardware and software are analyzed and interpreted.

It is very important that you know what the CPU is, what it is used for and the functions, as this can help you in case you want to buy a new unit.

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The motherboard is essential for the operation of our equipment, it performs the function of integrate all components of our computer. It is on the motherboard that we will connect our processor, RAM memory, video card and other elements that make a computer work.

The importance of the motherboard is undeniable, but knowing what the motherboard is and what it is for in its entirety is what will allow you to choose the best motherboard for your needs.


The RAM memory is responsible for the temporary storage of information, is characterized by being a very fast type of memory, it is great for running applications. It is a type of volatile memory, meaning when the power is interrupted the data is erased.


Hard drives or storage drives are the space in which the operating system and user data are stored. It is a type of permanent memory, that is, the data will be stored in the computer even when it is turned off, which is why it is the necessary element to save all our information.

Graphic card

Many computers have graphics processors in their CPU or motherboard, however others don't and that's where a video card is needed. Also, a graphics card will allow better graphics performance, something essential for video games and demanding applications in this section.

If you want to extend this information, it helps you to know what a graphics or video card is and what it is for, an indispensable guide to better understand this part of your computer.

Input devices and displays

We call input devices all those we interact with directly, such as the mouse or keyboard. The screen is an essential element, as all interactions between us and the computer go through it.

Power supply

The power source is responsible for the electricity supply to all the components of our computer.

Types of software

There are many types of software, in any case we will indicate the basic ones that intervene more directly in conventional computers.


We call the system in charge of BIOS detect components of our computer, it is like a kind of basic operating system that allows you to control advanced and simpler functions of system components. It is indispensable for the detection and subsequent installation of components, operating systems, etc.


The operating system is the environment in which we interact on our computer, examples of operating systems are Windows, Linux o Mac OS.

In any case, if the above information seems very simple to you, read the following guide to know what they are and what types of operating systems exist. This way you will understand this essential software better.


Applications are all software that is pre-installed in our operating system or that the user can install. I am through them to interact directly with our computers, examples of software are the video games, i Internet browser, etc.

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