What is the difference between RAM and ROM and what types are there?

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In the following guide we will tell you a little bit about what is the difference between RAM and ROM and what types are there? So as to eliminate all doubts that arise in relation to these two types of memory.

Today's is a comparison between RAM and ROM. If you want to know more, we recommend that you read what RAM is and what it is for, which is essential for computer performance. Let's continue with the differences between ROM and RAM.

What is the difference between RAM and ROM and what types are there?

There are many components that make up our computers and other technological devices, some of these create great debate and doubts, such as RAM and ROM.

RAM and ROM memory are often confused with each other, but the truth is that they are very different and each plays fundamental roles in multiple technological devices, such as computer.

The first thing you should understand is that both, although they are two types of memory, work very differently, which you can learn if you read the following information we have prepared for you.


RAM plays a vital role in the performance of our computers, its name derives from Random Access Memory, which would result in random access memory, something very similar to how it works, as we'll see below.

An easy way to explain how RAM works is to indicate it as the type of memory that is stored by the software used on our computer. Operating system default programs, applications, games, and others consume RAM to function.

This type of memory is jointly managed by the CPU and the software that uses it, it is a type of memory that stores temporary data and is distinguished by its high operating speed, which is particularly useful for quickly accessing this information. In fact, it is possible to overclock RAM and make it run even faster, these being some of the most notable differences compared to ROM.

Another characteristic aspect of the RAM is that it is a type of volatile memory. Volatile means that the stored information is erased when the power is turned off, in other words, when the computer is turned off.

Finally, this type of memory is also characterized by the fact that it is possible to install or change the RAM memory modules of your PC without major complications, considering this element as essential for the performance of the computer.


  1. SHAME: it is a type of static memory and faster than DRAM. Even so, its cost is very high, so it hasn't been standardized.
  2. DRAMs: this is the standard in our computers, it is made up of multiple chips that store information. It usually represents a balance of speed and affordability.

ROM memory

Everyone knows about RAM but on the other hand ROM is partially unknown to most users. In any case, this is also of great importance for the proper functioning of our computers. In fact, it is essential for its functioning, just like RAM.

Surely you are wondering, what is ROM memory? First of all you should know where its name comes from, ROM comes from Read Only Memory, which would be translated as " Read Only Memory ". It is a type of memory that is mainly characterized by not being as fast as RAM and is not erased when the power is cut.

Although it has "read only" in its name, the truth is that ROM has evolved over time. That said, there are many today modules with reading and writing capabilities. Although, in most cases, the ROM does not have a large storage capacity.

One of the most important uses of ROM is in the BIOS. This system is stored inside a ROM memory module. However, this type of memory has also been present in other devices, such as cell phones or video game consoles.


  1. MASK ROOM: It is a type of unalterable memory created in the manufacture of devices.
  2. PROM: It is a programmable memory, after manufacture, but then it cannot be changed.
  3. EPROM: It is programmable and can be canceled but under special conditions.
  4. EEPROM: The most common mode, it can be programmed an unlimited number of times (with some conditions).

On the other hand, as you can imagine while it is possible to increase your computer's RAM memory, ROM memory is fixed in most cases. In fact, it's only present most of the time in components like the BIOS, at least in computers.

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