What is the correct way to place the mobile in the car so as not to multiple of the DGT

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La General Directorate of Traffic has updated its regulation to introduce some changes, some times to avoid using your smartphone while driving.

In the latest reform of the law on traffic, circulation of motor vehicles and road safety, the measures to be taken when a driver is caught using the cellphone in the car they were tightened. But not only: there will also be penalties if the mobile phone is not positioned correctly and can interfere with driving in some way.

A smartphone in the car, placed on a dashboard holder.

What will change with the new law?

Once the new measures come into force, the use of a smartphone while driving will become a very serious crime. And even if the pecuniary sanction will continue to be 200 euros, Withdrawal of points will be up to 8.

Therefore, the offense is equated to reckless driving or driving under the influence of drugs in terms of the number of points withdrawn.

In this sense, moreover, it was indicated that 3 points will also be subtracted e who he will use his mobile phone while driving, even if he is not carrying it in his hand , will be fined 200 euros.

Where to put your mobile phone in the car to avoid fines

Until now, the DGT posed no problems a carry your mobile phone on the seat, armrest or right next to the vehicle's dashboard, until the device was used. But as the law is about to change, it's important to know where you can take your mobile to avoid fines.

Although no specific details have been provided on where the smartphone is allowed to be taken by car, it can be inferred that it will not be in those parts of the vehicle where it could interfere with driving. And, of course, it won't even be possible to carry it in your hand.

Therefore, the most logical thing would be to carry the mobile phone stored in one of the vehicle compartments and, if this is not possible, place it on as far as possible from the reach of the hand, for example, on a specific support in one of the ventilation sockets passenger compartment. Sure: in case of use of the mobile phone, wherever it is positioned, it will be difficult to get rid of the fine.

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