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Certain activities that we commonly do we like to do quickly, without a doubt, this saves us time and energy. Even those of us with an internet connection at home love it travel the web at breakneck speed. And using a network cable to connect to the internet is the solution.

Therefore, we always look for alternatives that allow us to handle al better the cyber world. A network cable will allow us to achieve our goal. But how do we know which is the most suitable? What you read next will seem interesting to you.

Types of network cables for connecting to the Internet (Ethernet network cables)

Also known as RJ45, network cables are organized into several categories. Each of them offers a different connection speed, so we have to pay close attention to every detail they present. A Cat 5 Ethernet cable gives us a speed of 100 Mbps with a frequency of 100 MHz. Cat 5E moves with the same frequency, but transmits 1.000 Mbps.

We also have Cat 6 with a transfer rate of up to 1.000 Mbps on a frequency of 250 MHz. While Cat 6A Ethernet offre 10.000 Mbps with a transmission frequency of 500 MHz.

Cat 7 and Cat 7A network cables also allow a speed of 10.000 Mbps, but in the frequency of 600 MHz and 1.000 MHz, respectively. Finally, Cat 8 offers us a speed of 40.000 Mbps on the transmission frequency of 2.000 MHz.

As you can see, each network cable supports a set transfer rate and it moves under a frequency that determines the power of the grid. It is important to note that the cable must be recognized by the PC. This is important to know so that when you go to buy one, you know exactly which one will be most effective for your internet connection.

The internal shielding of the cables is important

And cavi Ethernet they are equipped with an electromagnetic screen which acts as a screen and determines the stability and effectiveness of transmission speeds. This protects the data transfer, which passes through the copper wires, from external interference such as that caused by power lines. This shield is characterized by an internal braiding of the copper wires and an external coating for the shield.

UTP cable

It is a twisted pair that has no shielding. It is useful in installations outside the wall and whose extension is not so wide.

FTP cable

They are four pairs of twisted cables protected with one global screen to reject external interference.

STP cable

They are the most suitable for flush-mounted connections, as they have a network-shaped shielding system, which covers each pair of intertwined threads. This allows for greater protection from external interference.

Network cable for internet connection (SFTP cable)

It is a combination of FTP and STP. Its shield surrounds each pair with a protective net and covers the entire set of pairs with an extra layer. They are best suited for long installations, and for the protection they offer, they are more expensive.

Which network cable for Internet connection should you choose?

In our homes the best cables we will use are those of the Cat 5E or 6 type with which we will travel at speeds of up to 1.000 Mbps. This may be enough. considering the plans offered by the different operators.

If the installation you are about to perform is short, it doesn't matter if the cable is sheathed. But, if you need to get it through the wall, consider the protection they offer by looking at it visible description on the surface of the cable.

Now, if your installation is that of a more advanced local network, where you have multiple devices connected, you will need a support top for data transmission. For this you will need Cat 6A or 7 type cables and you will not have connection problems.

We have shown you a detailed description of the Ethernet network cables (RJ45) and which one is best suited to your Internet connection needs. If after adjusting the cables, the connection is still slow, there may be some other cause. We hope this information will be of great help during local installation. If this post was helpful to you, we would like to read your comment.

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