What is the best internet browser in 2020

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Among those who stand out there they are Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, among others. However, each of them has advantages and disadvantages, but they are still favorites. First, you should know what the difference is between a browser and an internet search engine.

What is the best web browser?

When we talk about the best Internet browser, we quickly think about the characteristics that define each, taking into account theirs pros and cons. As well as the popularity of each. It is also important to remember that there are the best, safest, and most private browsers on the internet if you are concerned about your information being stolen.

Based on this, it should be noted that Chrome is one of the browsers that has achieved the highest recognition in terms of popularity. But in the same way Firefox, Opera, Edge e Safari DON'T are far behind, as they have good speed and very new options.

The best internet browsers of 2020

1- Chrome

As has been pointed out since the beginning of this article, this internet browser is one of the most popular and used today. Fortunately, it offers a number of benefits that make it one of the best, highlighting that it has excellent speed, its interface is simple and it has a sensational JavaScript engine.

Another advantage it offers us is its compatibility with all operating systems and adaptation with Google services, and it can be customized as requested by the user. It offers native extensions that facilitate various processes.

On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that not everything this browser offers us is good, as there are a number of cons, including the its large RAM usage, it has a simple password manager and part of your code is private.

Another downside is that it updates frequently, which can be a little annoying for users of this web platform.

Despite all the benefits of Chrome, there are others that are lesser-known alternative browsers to Chrome, which can be of help if you want something different.

2- Mozilla Firefox

Another browser that is not far behind in terms of functionality is Firefox, which offers a wide variety of very useful extensions, as well as an interface customizable. But that's not all, because it also has free software and is compatible with smartphones.

Another of its advantages is that it consumes less memory than Google Chrome, in addition to including free services such as screen capture, file sending (Firefox Send), Pocket, among others.

On the other hand, among its cons are:

  • Less attention from web designers, therefore, some pages can generate errors or annoying details.
  • Users are entitled to have only one associated account.
  • Yours updates are slow.
  • It has unnecessary tools

3-Microsoft Edge

This browser has come to take over and replace Internet Explorer, managing to offer better functionality than the latter. Highlighting as the main advantage that was designed by the Microsoft company, in this way it is integrated into Windows 10; likewise, it has excellent JavaScript performance.

But like the others mentioned above, it also has disadvantages, which lower its quality level, for example: its functions are similar to those of Chromium, it has compatibility for Windows e MacOS, that is, it has no relevance to other systems. today and, finally, most of its code is proprietary.

4- Opera

This internet browser has a turbo mode, which makes it best for slow connections. It has great Smartphone compatibility and includes some features like VPN, ad blocker, among others. However, its code is known to be proprietary, its updates are very few, among others.


Finally, we find Safari which surprises us with an interface clean, clear is simple, excellent compatibility with Mac OS X and iOS, however, its extensions and tools are very simple compared to the others, it is compatible only with Apple and your code is private.

Finally, we hope this tutorial has helped you to know which is the best internet browser of 2020, however, we would like to know your opinion Do you think these browsers are really good? Which is the best for you? Do you know which browser is the fastest among Chrome, Firefox and Edge? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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