What is the best insurance for Uber? What insurance does Uber accept?

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For all its driving partners Uber requires an insurance policy, this can be commercial or private with ERT coverage. These must meet a number of characteristics to be validated by Uber. In addition, partner drivers can purchase more than one insurance for the same vehicle and thus have more coverage in the event of an accident.

What is the best insurance for Uber?

Le insurance policies with ERT coverage they are safe especially applicable to digital transport platforms and are the best choice for working at Uber and other transport platforms via applications.

It should be noted that the Car Insurance regular does not cover damages if the vehicle works with this type of application, because it only covers the claims of a private vehicle. These insurances do not cover the transportation of goods and people, such as the services offered by Uber.

Now, what features must a commercial or ERT insurance policy have for Uber to accept it? We will explain them to you below.

Characteristics of the insurance that Uber accepts

An insurance policy that Uber accepts must be complete,  therefore it must include: civil liability coverage, passenger coverage and deductibles of 10% or less for material damage and full theft coverage. Depending on the country you are in, the prices of these broad coverage policies vary.

Regarding ERT hedging policies, must have at least the following coverage:

  •  Data materials
  • Total theft of vehicles
  • Breakage of the glass
  • Civil liability for damage to third parties
  • Civil liability for excess persons
  • Civil liability for damage to the traveler
  • Medical expenses for the occupants
  • Car accidents to the driver
  • Covered Support Services
  • Protected legal defense

In submitting requirements to Uber for be part of the community of driver Partner, the insurance policy must correctly indicate the type of vehicle, model, year and registration. You also need to submit an effective date and an expiration date.

Uber auto insurance insurers

Currently, there are many insurance companies that have updated their service portfolio to be able to adapt to the needs of digital transport platforms and that is why we will mention below several insurers with ERT insurance policies,  in different countries, ideal for Uber partner driving.

    • Allstate
    • Geico
    • Mercury
    • Erie
    • Farmers
    • Progressive
    • Safeco
    • State Farm
  •  Mexico:
    • SURA
    •  AXA
    •  To assert
    •  GDP
    • quality
  • Chili:
    • SURA
    • Santander
    • Future
  • Colombia:
    • Allianz
  • Brazil:
    • SURA
    • Porto Seguro

Depending on the country you live in and want to work for Uber as a Driver Partner, the laws applicable to insurance companies are different, as are the prices. There are still no policies that are suitable for Uber members in some countries, but you can purchase several policies for basic coverage.

Acquiring an insurance policy to work at Uber has many benefits, as it helps guarantee safety, assistance and trust of users. Furthermore, in the event of an accident, loss or theft, the insurance will cover the damage caused.

In this way, users and drivers can have a pleasant experience using the platform. For more information on Uber insurance, check the official website and find out more details.

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