What is the best company in the world between Google and Apple for technological development?

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Deciding the best between Google and Apple is not an easy task, both are in the computer market and are the ones that accompany many of us on a daily basis. In the field of technological development, they both have a lot to offer their users.

However, there are many differences between Google and Apple, and in the field of technology even more. That's why we're going to do it today a comparison between the two and we will find out the best one.

There is no doubt that the best products, tools and services offered by Google are exceptional and innovative, but all of the products, tools and services offered by Apple are not far behind in the race.

Google and Apple What is the best?

Let's start by talking about the development of the hardware devices of the devices of the two companies. At this point we can say that the MAC company far surpasses Google. This is because it provides its users with much more reliable and stable mobile.

Consequently, Apple offers hardware with information processing much simpler than Google. What makes cellphones a much faster speed than any other mobile device.

Furthermore, in terms of technical resources, those offered by Apple they are far superior to those of a Google Pixel. That's why, in terms of devices and hardware, Apple far surpasses Google.


Now when we refer to the operating system offered by the platforms. We may also find that the users prefer Apple because all the development of its operating system is oriented to the graphical interface.

Also, Apple allows you to delete factory default apps, in a much easier way than Google. And as if that weren't enough, it has several languages ​​on the keyboard.

For its part, Google facilitates the exchange of information between mobile phones. But not still manages to outdo Apple in terms of operating system.

When it comes to desktop computers, Apple is at the forefront

We have already made it clear that in the field of the mobile operating system, Apple is above Google. But now let's talk a little about the technological development of Google and Apple in terms of computers.

It was also found that, in the field of technological development in computers, Apple has a big advantage with its MacOS. It stands out for allowing its users to record their computer screen and use smart folders in the Finder.

In the operating system area it is much better because it has the great advantage of being able to automate repetitive tasks. This helps to get a lot more out of all trades. In addition to improving its performance.

On the other hand, the only advantage we can find from Google with ChromeOS over Apple is that it has open source and its distribution is free. Situation completely different from macOS.

Google and Apple have a lot to offer

Apple's technological development is much better than Google's in the field of cell phones and computers for many reasons. The security offered by Apple is greater, since does not ask to share your data in every application you use, like Google does.

This can be an advantage but also a disadvantage, even if it is true that Apple has as its motto the great protection you will have for your data, but for this reason its applications do not always have great performance.


But on the other hand, Google can be considered the best company in the world, as it is considered to be much more useful for everyone who is dependent on technology. Offers web page creation services, e helps you to make them visible in a simple and effective way on the internet.

Google Maps is much better than Apple Maps, as it allows you to see each of the world's streets in 3D, with each of the details you need to get your bearings in the right way. Plus, you can have more space in the cloud as a Google user versus Apple. It's even so tailored that you can create custom maps with Google Maps on Google My Maps.

The truth is that both companies are leaders in the world, in terms of mobile phones Apple wins recognition as the best. But in the field of web page creation, searches, downloads and technology services, Google will always be the best option.

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