What is the 5G network and how does it work, features, advantages and disadvantages?

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Everyone talks about the wonders of an alleged 5G network, even many say it will change our lives. But if you are not very clear about this issue and want to know more, don't worry, because below we will develop the topic for you: what is the 5G network and how does it work, features, advantages and disadvantages?

What is the 5G network and how does it work?

Specifically, we can define the 5G network as the fifth generation of mobile networks, of course, so far. This fifth generation replaces the post which it occupied for a relatively short time 4G network or 4G LTE. So there are the main differences between 4G and 5G network that you should know about.

When it comes to 5G, it says that will greatly reduce web response times, will increase connection speed (up to 10 Gbps) and allow for a greater number of connected devices.

This type of technology is so advanced that it is said that it will also allow equipment such as the car, the refrigerator and the like to interconnect and connect with us from afar without any problems.

Now, to understand how it would work all this, we must know that each generation of mobile networks is assigned a frequency similar to radio frequencies. For example, in the case of the network 3G, it had a frequency band of up to 20 MHz. 

Well, the 5G network will bring a frequency of bands nothing more and nothing less than 6 GHz. This would mean a incredible speed increase, causing better information and data fluctuation among users.

5G network: features, advantages and disadvantages

First of all we can mention its speed, since we are talking about a response on the web (latency) of one millisecond. Other features that we can mention are:

Broadband approx a thousand times faster, 100% full coverage, increase of connectable devices (up to 100 devices), average data transfer rate from 10 to 100 times better compared to the previous generation with 10 Gbps speeds and nearly 100% availability.

Advantages and disadvantages of the 5G network

Among the advantages that we can mention of the 5G network, which are obviously many, we mention the 3 most important:

When we mentioned the features of the 5G network a few seconds ago, we talked about the latency or the response time on the web of this network. And this aspect is not only a feature, but also an advantage, since in just 1 millisecond, that is, you can get it instantly what you are looking for on the net.

The second advantage to mention would be the speed increase thanks to the 5G network. Thanks to this connection, millions of people around the world will be able to enjoy a connection 100 times faster of 4G, which in fact differs from 4G LTE, incredible!

As a third and final advantage, we will talk about the increase in capacity due to the 5G network. With this network, many devices can be connected at the same time due to its ability to 100x better connection. So having a lot of people connected and dropping connection performance would no longer be a problem.

But since nothing is perfect, this 5G network should have its drawbacks, and indeed it is, and we detail some of them below:

One of the biggest disadvantages of the 5G network is the field of security, since in fact many experts say that the lower the latency of the network, the greater the cyber attacks.

Furthermore, since cars and appliances will have a connection to this network, which is called the 5G Internet of Things, hackers could take advantage of the possibility of remote access to these devices to activate them remotely and create havoc.

Another big drawback to the 5G network will be the fact that devices older than this network will not be compatible with it, then a new device that connects to the network should be purchased. While others say the 5G network will be dangerous to health.

Against all odds, the 5G network will emerge soon and will be more a reality than a dream, and you, will you be prepared for the changes that will ensue?

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