What is Signal Private Messenger and how does it work? The alternative to WhatsApp

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What is Signal Private Messenger? - Its history and curiosities

Signal Private Messenger is an instant messaging service available for iOS and Android mobiles and which has a web version, and although it does not have the reputation of apps like Telegram or WhatsApp, it is much loved by its users thanks to its services based on maximum safety.

The level of security in this application is so high that it is practically impossible for someone to intercept your messages sent via the application, unlike what happens in other applications.

This important feature is what makes Signal Private Messenger on everyone's lips today, leading some to classify it as a "WhatsApp secure".

The story of Signal Private Messenger begins more formally when, in 2015, Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee who works as a technology consultant, promoted the app, adding that it is the one he uses every day.

A year later, Signal released its official desktop version, gaining great notoriety in the US and other countries thanks to its quality service and efforts to combat government espionage and censorship.


One cool thing about this app is that it uses end-to-end encryption called Open Whispers System, which consists in the fact that the messages that leave your phone when they are sent (be they text messages, audio or images) are already encrypted and decrypted only when they reach the recipient of the message.

So if anyone intercepts them on the street, will not be able to decipher them ; This Signal technology is so effective and popular that WhatsApp then used it when it implemented end-to-end encryption on its services.

Another curious fact about Signal is that it is an open source application and in Github you can find the codes of its version for Android, iOS and for desktop, which shows that it is a very transparent app, because any developer can access its code and check for errors or cheats.

This makes it Signal Private Messenger safer because it generates a large community of developers who can work together to improve the app and fix possible errors in it, which makes it very reliable.

How does Signal Private Messenger work?

Signal Private Messenger works similar to Telegram and WhatsApp, like a common one messaging service, so if you have used one of these apps you will be able to adapt very well to how it works.

First, to start using Signal on your phone, you need to download the app, which you can easily do from your mobile application store.

After installing it on your phone, you need to enter it and accept the license, then you need to grant the app the relevant permissions to access your contacts and notifications from your phone.

After that it is necessary enter your phone number, a name and if you wish you can enter a photograph of your choice, then you must create a secure password (PIN) which will make your account encrypted within the Signal servers.

Also, what this configuration allows is that when access the application from another computer, you can do this with all your account settings, such as contacts, groups, etc.

As mentioned above, this app works in a very similar way to WhatsApp or Telegram, with options like notification if some of your contacts are on Signal and the option to send them a message in so they can add you.

You can also make calls, send photos, GIFs, photos, files and locations, as well as have interesting options like sending messages that self-destruct in a certain amount of time and you can enter the app using facial recognition, fingerprint password or phone password ..

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