What is Samsung Knox? How to set up and use Samsung Knox?

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Security and privacy are essential elements from any perspective you want to see, which is why many times we go to settings of our Samsung phones, looking for and deepening measures of protection and safeguard for our privacy, modifying everything imaginable, from the vibration settings up, how to make and restore a backup on Samsung.

All this always from a safety perspective, so we want to talk to you about something called Knox, ed is present in Samsung phones, being the answer to the requests of many users, but at the same time it is one of the characteristics of Samsung mobile phones., less known. And now it's time to meet her. 

Samsung Knox What is it? 

When hears the word Knox and Samsung, what the common public tends to think about is rooting a Samsung, but nothing could be further from the truth. There will be those who will wonder if it has to do with the operating system and how to restore Android to factory settings. Which reveals the big blackouts on the Knox theme. 

We will shed some light on this issue, so that it is as profitable as possible for Samsung users and anyone who cares about increasing the security of their phones. Knox is by default an internal system that the Samsung company has introduced in its mobile phones since two thousand and thirteen.

Being available from Android 4.3 versions onwards. For this reason it is common that Internet users turn to Samsung for the use of this system internal security and technological security. It can have common use to the user, where it presents and provides additional security during configuration, for the use of the terminal. 

Moving on to a more specialized perspective, this tool can be a professional action. Because it will severely limit your revenue or the internal spaces of the operating system. Being a shielding element like the pitfalls of those who want to harm or have access to the information contained in their mobile phone. 

It will also be an excellent ally for software protection. Motivated to improve the internal performance of the operating system. As a postulate for greater professional protection, increases the security of the VPN and at the same time makes it compatible with tunnels of a wide range of applications, where security and connectivity work takes place.  

In the same way, the delay time in connection with the VPN will decrease. Leaving an optimization in the general performance of the device and its access to the network. Linked to this we have elliptic curve cryptography. That its compatibility has improved.

Do of Knox a versatile tool which meets our needs and optimizes the functions and connections of the mobile phone, in turn passing through a comprehensive internal permanent review control. What makes us an ideal tool for our digital security needs.

It is necessary to emphasize the improvements that Knox makes to binary DARs. Our devices can be subject to attacks and being turned off does not exempt them. Therefore, through Knox, it is possible to protect our data with the use of a double level of encryption. Keep our business data and details safeguarded, under enterprise quality security for Knox users. 

Samsung Knox How to set up and use? 

It is simpler than it seems, you just have to pay attention to the process, from where you will see that its use it is the same as normal functions, but greater security. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Within the configuration of your Samsung device, go to the specialized or separate section for Knox, which is already included from the factory.
  2. By default, starts the program download. This of course, after accepting the terms and statutes, in terms of access and privacy.
  3. Structure the data you will have as a user. Follow the steps to complete the process.
  4. Complete the main Knox registration and activation process. 
  5. At this point, when we see the applications entered by the factory, we will see the annexation of a yellow stripe. It is a symbol that the process was successful.
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