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Although it is commonly heard, every day from people's mouths, this little element carries over to your PC. Features that make it unique. All electronic equipment that we use on a daily basis has internal elements that allow it to function perfectly. But most of the users are totally unaware, to be useful.

The same happens with RAM, a vital element, not only in PCs but also in your mobile phones and tablets. As ignorance for this important element is very great. We will offer you very broadly, what is RAM and what it is for, a complete guide.

What is RAM and what is it for?

First of all, we will tell you that RAM is an acronym which means (Random Access Memory). And in Spanish it means random access memory, it is one of the components commonly used in mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones and in personal computers, game consoles and electronic equipment.

This memory has the ability to temporarily store all kinds of instructions and data. This means that while the equipment is on it has these stored information, but when it is turned off I lose them completely. It also has a very important feature and can transfer data and information at impressive speeds.

This memory is very different from ROM memory, since as we said earlier, when you download it, it loses all the data it contains. It is always very important when buying a computer or mobile device to know what is yours RAM memory capacity. As this information gives us the data transmission speed.

What is RAM memory used for?

You can find two different types of memory, memory SRAM and DRAM memory. And the only difference they can have is the type of technology everyone has when storing data.

Based on speed, SRAM memory is much faster than DRAM, but DRAM needs to be updated a few thousand times per second.

RAM memory is responsible for quickly storing the large number of instructions that the CPU or central processing unit has to execute, it also offers much more speed. It is for this reason that more RAM memory has an electronic device, the more it will increase its ability to have multiple programs open at the same time, but we do not use all the memory it contains.

What does this mean if, for example, on your mobile device you have multiple applications or programs open at the same time. If the your RAM is very high, your computer can work optimally. That's why if your RAM memory is low, you won't be able to open multiple programs at the same time without experiencing slowness or crashes.

That is why it is important to know the amount of RAM that electronic equipment has, to know if its performance will be adequate for the programs I have installed on my computer. This knowledge is essential, as I will be able to know what programs I can or cannot run on my computer or mobile.

It is because of the above that I can know that a computer with a 2GB RAM memory will perform lower than a computer with a 4 or 8 GB RAM memory. That is why this knowledge allows us to have a better view of our team's performance and its behavior.

In a very broad way, you have known the importance and use of a very important component in computer equipment. And in a very simple and clear way we managed to show you what is RAM and what is it for, a complete guide.

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